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Sea Breeze Power Corp.: 'West Coast Cable'-3,200 MW Undersea Line-Canada to California.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Proposed "West Coast Cable" would open significant amounts of renewable energy to California.

Sea Breeze Power Corp. (TSX VENTURE:SBX) is pleased to announce that Sea Breeze Pacific Regional Transmission System Inc. ("Sea Breeze Pacific", a 50/50 joint venture with Boundless Energy, LLC) has filed an interconnection application with Pacific Gas & Electric Company of San Francisco, California for the first submarine transmission line that would allow for the direct transmission of electricity from Canada to California.

Sea Breeze Pacific's initial application is for a 1,600 megawatt High Voltage Direct Current ("HVDC") undersea cable (expandable to 3,200 MW). The route will run 3-12 miles offshore along portions of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California for approximately 1,200 miles. The initial application for 1,600 megawatts could provide electricity requirements for more than one million homes.

The west coast submarine transmission corridor was conceived as an answer to the challenge of unlocking the many thousands of "stranded" megawatts of clean, renewable energy that remain unutilized along the rugged and windy west coast of Canada. An independent study by Fortis Bank, the World Energy Council and the Petroleum Economist have rated this region as having the number one wind resource in the world.

Other significant benefits of the West Coast Cable would be to help stabilize the western continental power grid by making load flows more predictable, along with freeing up conventional energy resources currently constrained as exports from western Canada to California.

Sea Breeze Pacific has contracted with ABB Inc. ("ABB") for technical support. ABB is an international EPC contractor and leading manufacturer of HVDC equipment and sales, and has been instrumental in supporting the feasibility process of the project.

About HVDC - HVDC "classic" is the preferred technology for transmitting electricity over long distances, due to 75% lower line losses than would occur with alternating current ("AC"), which can lose up to 20% electricity over the same distances. Another important benefit of HVDC is the absence of a fluctuating electromagnetic field, an especially important attribute in sensitive marine environments.

The HVDC cable itself will be of a well proven design, consisting of a central copper conductor, DC insulation and other sheaths and structural components. The laying and protection of the submarine cable will be done by state-of-the-art technology and special, purpose-equipped marine vessels.

About Sea Breeze Power Corp. - Sea Breeze Power Corp. is a leading developer of renewable energy in British Columbia. Its proposed Knob Hill Wind Farm received environmental approvals in September 2004, and is believed to be the largest single onshore wind farm in the world to receive planning approval. The Knob Hill Wind Farm is being designed for a nameplate capacity of 450 megawatts - capable of generating enough electricity to power approximately 135,000 homes. For more information about the Sea Breeze Power Corp., please visit us at

About Boundless Energy, LLC - Based in York Harbor, Maine, Boundless is the transmission engineering principal of the Neptune Regional Transmission consortium, whose contract with Long Island Power Authority recently secured financing commitments for the installation of a 67-mile, 660-megawatt HVDC submarine transmission cable from northern New Jersey to central Long Island, New York.


PAUL B. MANSON, President

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 15, 2004
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