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Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci Presents Its New Italian Language Course Italia Oggi.

Florence, Italy, June 17, 2012 --( Italia Oggi (Italy Today) is an Italian language and culture course constructed for anyone who, during their stay in Italy, wishes to be totally immersed in our country's culture, learning its language and, at the same time, getting in touch with some aspects of Italian society and its traditions. A particular focus is made on the many important changes that have been taking place since the 2nd World War.

Through this Italian course, students have the possibility to improve and practice their Italian language with conversation, group lessons and private lessons.

Individual classes are based on the idea of deepening the student's awareness of some aspects of Italian society, of contemporary politics and of the Italian daily life.

The Italian language course, whose duration can be 2 or 4 weeks, is suitable for students with at least an intermediate level of the language, and is divided in two parts: 20 language lessons held in groups (the standard course) and 5 individual classes per week. Subjects addressed during individual lessons are flexible and can be arranged directly by the teacher and the student, according to one's personal interests and wishes.

The intention of this Italian course is to use new methods and ideas to assist the students in acquiring an advanced knowledge of the Italian language. Because the course is constructed around specific themes, such as politics, the economy, or how Italian society has changed throughout the last 60 years, students can acquire language specific to their interests and more subtle understanding of the syntax and usage of the language.

Some examples of topics addressed in the “Italia Oggi” course are:

- politics: Italian political parties' history, the voting system, the administrative division into regions, provinces and municipalities;

- economics: trends, growth, and the effects of recession;

- labour: occupation, temporary employment, labour union relations;

- society: the transformation of the familiar system, young people, immigration;

- education: the school system;

- regional differences: cultural, social, language differences;

- the history of mafia.

These are just examples, since different themes, i.e. cinema, theatre, music, can also be addressed.

Teachers for this course are all native Italian speakers with degrees and with long professional experience. They guide students in analyzing the themes of the course using several methods: reading newspapers/magazines articles, listening to the radio, watching film scenes, etc.

Teachers always focus on the development of the linguistic proficiency, paying special attention to speaking and listening skills, but also to writing and reading skills.

The relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of the group and of individual classes lets any student quietly interact with the teacher and the other participants. The class is not only a place where the language is taught, but is also an intercultural exchange opportunity, a place for discussions where anyone can interact comfortably.

Lessons are held in small groups of no more than 12 people, allowing each student to greatly improve his or her linguistic skills in a pleasant way while individual classes offer the opportunity to handle subjects of personal interest for the student and to use the language in a direct relationship with the teacher.

Further information about Italian language courses of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci are available on the official website of the school.

Contact Information:

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

Alessandra Ricci

0039 055290305

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Date:Jun 17, 2012
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