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Scripting the flag.

Mohammad Qamar Sultan is a prolific calligrapher who has penned his way to fame letter by letter. Sultan, who has written the QAAEuran on varied canvas sizes and in different languages was in Muscat recently to unveil his latest work. Mohammad hails from Faisalabad in Pakistan and has finished writing the QAAEuran in the form of an Omani flag, using red and green ink for the verses.

The QAAEuran comprises of 30 chapters in its entirety and utmost care and caution is required while rendering or copying it or its inclusive Ayats to ensure there is no misunderstanding. Copying the entire holy book on an average takes three to four years.

But this has not stopped Mohammad or waned his enthusiasm. He has compiled the QAAEuran 16 times in different styles with five more projects underway.

Starting at a young age of 18, Mohammad has honed his art over years of hard work and unforgiving eye for discipline and detail. He has not undergone any professional course or apprenticeship and relies on Urdu, which is similar in form to Arabic script. However, the similarity is limited to script and phonetics, as meanings are totally different. Moreover, Arabic which is the language of the QAAEuran, uses tanwin or nunation for pronunciation subtleties which might alter the meaning and these require exactness.

His work is proofread by authorised religious scholars to ensure accuracy. Mohammad uses permanent ink for his work and is confident that it will last many years. This has its disadvantages, because any mistake requires him to start all over again.

The Omani flag, which is rendered on a sheet of paper is 18Ao by by 36Ao, with the white strip and the khanjar area left blank. Mohammad worked with this space and managed to complete his project in three and half years, including five fresh strats due to errors.

AoI would like to present my work to His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, on the occasion of Oman's National Day or Renaissance Day.Ao With this achievement, Mohammad adds the Omani flag to the list of countries for whom he has rendered a similar service including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan, Brunei and four others. He has been commissioned by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to write the QAAEuran in its logo.

Besides this, Mohammad has also written the smallest QAAEuran in the world, which is 1cm by 5cm on 572 pages, weighing in at 10gm. He is also in the process of writing the largest QAAEuran, which will stretch 2km in length and verse by verse translation in 23 languages on every page.

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Publication:The Week (Muscat, Oman)
Date:Jul 19, 2010
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