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Scribe releases KitchenSync Enterprise; Accelerating Application Integration up to 90% over other products and methods.

BEDFORD, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- July 13, 1998 - Scribe Software Corporation, the leader in products that accelerate application integration, continues to deliver solutions for rapid data migration and application integration with the release of KitchenSync Enterprise. This new product is now available through Scribe's Application Partners and directly from Scribe. Extending on the modular KitchenSync design, Scribe has created components tailored for the system administrator to manage and monitor on-going data flow as part of the company's business process. KitchenSync Enterprise includes a workbench for business analysts and database administrators to define the data interaction, and a browser based console for system administrators to manage and monitor the process.

KitchenSync's console was designed to support access across the Internet, Intranets and remote locations. Through the console's intuitive interface, data migration, occasional data loads, and real-time data exchanges can be scheduled, monitored, and administered. Multi-level error detection and notification settings keep system administrators and others informed of all activities flowing through KitchenSync via logs, email, and interactively via the console. KitchenSync's workbench offers a point and click GUI for mapping data and defining rules. Re-formatting data is easy using KitchenSync's spreadsheet style formulas. Custom functions are simple to add via Microsoft's COM interface. A live test mode aids in seeing that desired results are achieved without interrupting production work. KitchenSync's overall design creates a framework that leverages reusable templates and application adapters for a consistent way to tackle multiple integration projects.

KitchenSync Enterprise is designed for Microsoft Windows NT. Integration of applications on UNIX, mainframes, and other systems are all handled via standard network protocols. The workbench runs on Win 95/98/NT environments allowing analysts to define the data migration on any PC or workstation.

KitchenSync affordably replaces time consuming custom development for application integration projects. The Enterprise is priced at $50,000 and includes three workbench licenses. KitchenSync Enterprise expands on the core functionality and features of KitchenSync Loader that continues to be offered at $15,000 for one-time or occasional data loads.

About Scribe Software Corporation

Scribe Software Corporation develops KitchenSync, an application toolkit that allows users to integrate data into enterprise applications without custom programming. Scribe is a leader in delivering complete application integration tools for software vendors and corporate IT departments. Founded in 1995, Scribe is a privately held corporation headquartered in Bedford, NH. For more information, visit Scribe at or call 603-622-5109.

Scribe and KitchenSync are trademarks of Scribe Software Corporation. All other company and product names mentioned in this document are trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated and are acknowledged.

 CONTACT: Scribe Software Corporation
 John Felahi, 603/622-5109 x22

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Date:Jul 13, 1998
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