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Screw head polishing.

Q I have tried your method of polishing screw heads in a drill press as described in Shotgun News Gunsmithing Projects but it does not seem to work all that well for me. All that happens is that I polish the top of the head and end up with a flat spot on the rounded screw head. What do you think I am doing wrong?

A I would bet that you are not using a soft enough backer under the abrasive paper or cloth. I generally will use a piece of soft pinewood under my abrasive. As I press the screw into the abrasive it makes a dimple or depression in the wood. This conforms to the radius or contour of the rounded screw heads and gives me a good even polish. I have even on occasion used a piece of rubber as a backer between the wood and abrasive on some screw or pinheads.

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Title Annotation:Ask the Gunsmith
Author:Coffield, Reid
Publication:Firearms News
Date:May 20, 2016
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