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Screenwriter Jason Laskay Announces Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Universal Pictures; Suit Alleges `K-Pax' Infringes on Copyrights of `Man Facing Southeast'.

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Screenwriter Jason Laskay announced today he has filed suit in federal district court for copyright infringement arising out of Universal Pictures' release of its new major motion picture "K-Pax." Attorneys Richard G. Osborn and William H. Ford, III of The Ford Law Firm are lead counsel. Laskay's company, Laskay Film Productions, owns the exclusive domestic copyrights to the 1986 Argentine film "Hombre Mirando al Sudeste" (translated "Man Facing Southeast"), including all film sequel, production and distribution rights. The suit alleges that "K-Pax" infringes Laskay's copyrights and bears a startling similarity to "Man Facing Southeast."

"Over the course of the last thirteen years, Mr. Laskay invested an enormous amount of effort, time and money developing the `Man Facing Southeast' film project for the American cinema, only to have it all wiped away by the release of the `K-Pax' film. We are disappointed that Universal did not meaningfully respond to our efforts to reach a private resolution of this matter, leaving us no option but to turn to the court for redress," commented Osborn.

The suit claims that both films have virtually identical plots, themes and other creative elements. They both portray an unknown man with no apparent history who appears suddenly as a patient at a mental health facility claiming to be an alien from a nearby solar system. He possesses extraordinary talents and insights, while demonstrating an incomprehensible ability to reach the hospital's mentally ill patients who readily accept that he is an alien and express the desire to return with him to his home planet. Both films trace the attempts of a staff psychologist to treat what he initially presumes to be delusional behavior. As the plot progresses, the viewer and therapist share a growing sense that the man is whom he claims to be, an alien concerned about out planet.

Osborn continued, "The similarities between the films are particularly troubling to us inasmuch as Universal has been aware of Mr. Laskay and `Man Facing Southeast' from the beginning of the pre-production of `K-Pax' several years ago. Indeed, it is my understanding that the movie's star, Kevin Spacey, was actually provided with a copy of Mr. Laskay's English-language version of the `Man Facing Southeast' screenplay."

Inquiries should be directed to Attorney Richard Osborn at The Ford Law Firm in Los Angeles, via telephone 310/826-2648 or email
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 30, 2001
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