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Screening out unborn children's disability.

IT'S a long time since I watched a programme as honest and open as the BBC documentary "A world without Down's syndrome?" Your own report by Heledd Pritchard, Western Mail, "Parents face moral dilemma ahead of new Down's test" made reference to the programme.

Comedian Sally Phillips, whose son, Olly, has Down's syndrome, was brilliant and I was delighted by some real truths exposed in the programme, eg that the 1967 Abortion Act clearly stipulates abortion up to birth in the case of severe disability in the womb, and Down's syndrome is regarded in this way.

What in reality does "disability" mean anyway? Who is perfect? As brilliant as the programme was, the question of choice whether or not to abort the baby with Down's which Sally Phillips herself supported was to shoot oneself in the foot. It's important to remember that our UK annual abortion rate is some 200,000, in the main for social convenience, so it is hard to see children in the womb with disability having much chance of surviving the seemingly unchallengeable "Woman's right to choose".

Until our society has a change of heart it is hard to see an end to the continued screening out of our disabled brothers and sisters yet unborn, especially with the advent of the new test making it easier to detect this particular "disability".

Paul Botto, Secretary SPUC Cardiff/Penarth Branch 79 Splott Road, Cardiff

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 12, 2016
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