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Screening Solutions: Here Is a Selection Of Screening Products Designed For Productivity.

Screening and washing products are constantly evolving, however the goal stays the same: size stone in a fast and efficient manner to push production to higher levels. Here are some specific products on the market.


With rising production costs, more rigid specifications and stiffer competition, it takes the best screening equipment to meet the challenge--big-capacity, cost-cutting, hard-working Deister screens--of the proper size and type, and designed specifically to fit your application. Whatever the specification or material type, Deister engineers will find the right solution for you.

The HM/BHM series machine is able to meet a broad range of customer screening applications and is able to be configured with a wide variety of options to meet customer needs.

Inclined screens with the mechanism located between the decks offers the most economical combination of capacity and mechanical simplicity. The HM/BHM utilizes a circular throw and gravity to assist with conveying the screened material.

Dimensions: decks, 1 to 5; widths, 3- to 10-ft.; and lengths, 6- to 24-ft. Deister,


Durex Armor Screens protect your operation with the combined benefits of long wear life and high open area. Armor screen is a combination of high-grade wire cloth and a molded coating of premium polyurethane. This combination of technologies creates screens that have a much higher open area than conventional polyurethane screens, and a much longer wear life than wire screens, according to the manufacturer.

The Armor screen covering is not just a coating, it's molded to give the production advantages of relief tapered openings. This is designed to increase throughput and reduce plugging. Combined with a high-grade woven wire backbone, it creates a strong highly wear resistant screen.

Economical, versatile and easy to install, the Durex Armor Screen is designed to increase throughput and reduce plugging. Combined with a high-grade woven wire back-bone, it creates a strong highly wear resistant screen.

Features and benefits include:

* High throughput compared to conventional urethane screens.

* Longer wear life than wire screens.

* Less down-time arising from screen change outs.

* Noise reduction.

* Lower cost when compared to conventional urethane screens.

* Safer to handle (no sharp edges).

* Installs just like wire screen panels, no modifications required.



KPI-jCI high-frequency screens offer ideal gradation control for reclaiming fines in both wet and dry applications. All high-frequency screen decks are driven by variable-speed hydraulic vibrators for optimal screen efficiency and production.

Producers save time and money with easy hydraulic screen angle adjustments and the company's unique rotary tensioning system, which ensures the quickest screen media changes in the market.

* Hydraulic Vibrators--All high-frequency screen decks are driven by variable-speed hydraulic vibrators (up to 4,200 rpm) for optimal screen efficiency and production. Electric vibrators operating at 3,600 rpm are available upon request.

* Rotary Tensioning System--Unique rotary tensioning system provides the quickest screen media changes in the market, up to 50% faster than competitive models. Easy replacement of each screen section translates into less downtime for screen changes and increased operation time.

* Low Maintenance--The high frequency screen induces vibration directly into the screen media, leading to reduced maintenance and increased production and uptime. Vari Vibe Series screens are ideal for post-screening applications and offer high frequency vibrations on all decks. These screens achieve the highest screen capacity in the market for fines removal, chip sizing, dry manufactured sand and more.

* Duo Vibe Series--Ideal for pre-screening applications by offering a scalper top deck with conventional frequency mounted over high frequency bottom decks. This configuration improves production needs earlier in the circuit by removing fines from coarser materials.

* Hydraulic Screen Angle Adjustment --Makes adjustments quick and easy, reducing downtime.



FLEX-MAT, Major's line of high-vibration wire screens is the world's most advanced screening media, according to the company and is available in tensioned and modular applications.

FLEX-MAT screen technology allows wires, bonded to lime-green polyurethane strips, to vibrate independently from hook to hook for faster material stratification.

FLEX-MAT high-vibration wire screens are available in a side-tensioned or end-tensioned configuration.

Major's dedication to providing the best service and value to customers draws its strength from its network of certified dealers and their screening experts who are trained to provide local complimentary services, such as Screening Performance Assessments [SPA] and Screen Maintenance Seminars (SMS).


McLanahan Corp.

McLanahan Corp.'s H-Series MAX triple-shaft horizontal screen offers the latest in screen technology. It can be used in both portable or fixed plant applications. Horizontal screens provide high G-forces to vibrate and move material down the length of the screen.

A primary feature of the H-Series MAX Screen is its aggressive action in applications where blinding or plugging of the screen media openings can occur. The horizontal screen provides producers with unmatched performance and cost-saving features.

The H-Series MAX screen features fully adjustable oval stroke technology to create advantages that will positively impact profitability.

McLanahan's H-Series MAX horizontal screens are designed to match the level of durability required for the mining and aggregate industries. Weld-free, high-strength steel side plates, laminated in all high-stress areas, coupled with reinforced deck frames combine to create a screen basket assembly with significant strength and durability.

Reinforcing straps provide added side plate strength for side-tensioning media. The drive guard and snubbers are strategically designed and located for improved access to tension bolts.

The triple-shaft mechanism allows for the flow-through lubrication common to oval stroke vibrators, but also features a unique means to retain oil in the bearings at shutdown (patent pending). There are no dry bearing start-ups that drive the life out of bearings, particularly in harsh weather.

The H-Series MAX triple-shaft screens can match the footprint of many screens on the market today, allowing for easy retrofitting on existing plants. Compared to linear stroke screens, the oval stroke with the elliptical characteristic offers unmatched efficiency by maintaining open areas and the ability to fine-tune the screen to better suit the application.

Horizontal screens, with triple-shaft mechanisms, typically offer better efficiency and more accurate particle sizing compared to inclined screens because the material is retained on the screen longer, with a slower travel rate to the end of the screen. This allows more properly sized material to fall through the screen openings.

In a stationary plant setup, horizontal screens are more often seen as tertiary and/or finishing screens. Horizontal screens are also popular on portable plants because of their low profile.


Polydex is the company's line of modular polyurethane screen panel solutions. A good choice for many screening circuits, Polydex panels are especially well suited for wet applications. Panels are also available in formulations to address applications involving high microbial attack (Polydex Florida material) and sticky material (Polydex low durometer polyurethane).

Polyurethane offers the most options, not only in terms of screen openings, but also in the integration of performance enhancing features like dams, restricted flow bars, skid bars and deflectors. Polydex options are numerous, and are available for issues like high wear zones, pegging, bed depth creation, drainage rates and high open area. Ease of use of the company's Polyurethane media is a significant benefit for maintenance crews.

All polyurethane injection-molded panels offer many inherent benefits such as superior quality, faster production rates, better dimensional consistency and with Polydeck's internal tooling capabilities, new features or changes can be made quickly. Surface features are also injection molded into place, ensuring that they are uniform and stable parts of the screen media itself.

If you're currently using some type of steel screen media, you know how much noise your screening operation makes. Polyurethane and rubber screen media can reduce that noise level by as much as 9 decibels. That's a 50% reduction as perceived by the human ear. That means plant personnel can work nearby for longer periods without damaging their hearing. And, if you have neighbors, think how happy less noise will make them.


Superior Industries

Superior's Anthem Inclined Screen includes a number of distinguishing features that set it apart from competitor models.

* The Anthem Inclined Screen features bottle jack-lifting points that simplify your spring replacement. The lifting points for changing out springs are in each of the four corners of the screen, a design exclusive to Superior. This allows you to simply put a bottle jack in and raise up, requiring only six to eight bolts to remove and slide out the old springs. This maintenance convenience eliminates the need for a crane or bucket loader, allowing you to replace the springs quickly and safely.

* A fully enclosed, segmented belt guard offers safer operation and easier access for maintenance. Belt guards are typically very large and heavy, making them difficult to replace alone or without the aid of heavy machinery. The belt guard is segmented into five pieces with no piece being heavier than 50 lb. This segmentation speeds up your replacement process.

* Hinged access doors prevent material spillage by sealing access holes and the hinges ensure the doors are never misplaced

Backed by the industry's first two-year standard warranty, the Anthem Inclined Screen is available as a stand-alone unit or configured on a screening plant. Superior Industries,


Weir's Enduron and Trio range of screening equipment are suited to a wide range of applications and deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

Combined with its extensive range of screen media, Weir offers comprehensive screening solutions. Its extensive knowledge and commitment to the research and development of screening technology and wear performance compounds ensures that its products are built to last, according to the company.

Also, its Snapdeck Classic is the flagship screen media system offered by Linatex in a variety of applications ranging from dewatering screens to heavy duty aggressive applications.

The pinless rail system is sturdy and secure in any application, and also works well on curved surfaces (e.g. sieve screens, trommels). Panels are the same for both side and center installation on a screen deck, and application-specific surface features can be molded in as required. U-channel stringers are available in both steel and urethane, both reinforced and non-reinforced.


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