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Scream All Night.


Scream All Night

By Derek Milman

Derek Milman is a Brooklyn-based writer and actor with an MFA from the Yale School of Drama. He was profiled by the New York Times at the age of 14, after publishing and selling his own underground humor magazine. He has worked as a DJ, a film professor, a receptionist, and a playwright. Scream All Night is, his first novel; his second, Night Flight, will be published in 2019.

THE STORY: Dario Heyward grew up on the lot of Moldavia Studios, a castle where a group of actors lived and produced cult classic B movies. After a rough childhood, Heyward legally emancipates himself from his father--the oftentimes deranged director behind Moldavia Studio's creature features--and swears to never return. A visit from his brother and an invitation to a strange ritual celebrating his estranged father bring him back for what he believes will be a quick, one-off return. But, with the studio failing and a snuff porn competitor looking to buy it, Heyward has to step back into the past, grapple with his own familial demons, potentially rekindle a lost love, and rescue the studio and its inhabitants.

Balzer + Bray. 400 pages. $17.99. ISBN: 978-0062665652

Bibliobakes ****1/2

"The feel of this novel was truly unique; it felt like the combination of season 5 of American Horror Story, 50's horror movies. Gravity Falls, and slapstick comedy, with some twisted psychological elements thrown in. It's truly one of the most unique stories that I've read in a while." CALICOO41

Lair of Books ****1/2

"For those of you who fear the creeps like me... have no fear! this isn't scary at all. It's a contemporary that carries a ton of quirk and isn't like anything I've read before."

Plucky Reader ****1/2

"Scream All Night is a family story, more than anything else. It teaches us that families are more than just the people you're related to."

Center for Children's Books ****

"Milman has a field day with horror movie tropes, walking a nerve-wrackingly fine line between gothic horror and send-up, challenging readers to discern just where the laughs and the shivers are leading." ELIZABETH BUSH

Mud and Stars Book Blog ****

"The writing finds humour in unexpected places, yet balances this humour with its darker exploration of abuse and neglect.... If you want a book with funny but complex characters, which explores complicated family relationships, in a unique and interesting setting.... I couldn't recommend this book more highly."

A Pa per Arrow ****

"This novel is honestly super funny.... It's also haunting, a bit creepy at times, and ultimately does what every good YA does--it makes it think about growing up and how your experiences and those you interact with can influence you and shape who you are." KAYLA WHITTER

Publishers Weekly ****

"Debut author Milman's darkly comedic coming-of-age story seamlessly combines monsters--both real and imagined--with difficult subjects such as neglect, abandonment, and psychosis. Moldovia Studios is a refuge for those who don't quite fit in anywhere else, and the paradox of it being a safe harbor while simultaneously bringing to life the things of nightmares works on an emotional and a psychological level."


This debut exists in the world of the faux-horrific, but, with humor and vulnerability, it depicts the effects of a childhood rife with neglect and abuse. And beneath the page-turning mysteries "run powerful themes of family obligation, adult responsibility and reexamining childhood trauma through the lens of maturity" (Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books). The narrator's interactions with the "funny but complex" residents of Moldavia Studios "explore complicated family relationships in a unique and interesting setting" (Mud and Stars Book Blog). And though the setting and the story toy with scares and the occasional gory moment, Milman's debut mines the tropes of horror as a foundation for a touching, quirky, and humorous story about what it means to return to the place from where you came.
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Date:Nov 1, 2018
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