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Scraps, plywood ... it's their entry door.

This courtyard gate really serves as front entrance to Shirley and Rod McGrath's house in Fresno, California.

To build it, the McGrath's son Matt, an architecture student, lag-screwed 2-by-8 doorjambs and an 8-by-12 lintel to the concrete-block wall. He made the gate's frame from 1-inch-square tubular steel and diagonal braces, then screwed 3/4-inch exterior-grade plywood to each side.

Before attaching the plywood, he painted the outside surfaces black. Redwood strips of several dimensions, with scrap blocks between them, were screwed to the plywood from behind. Then the panels were stained. Screwed-on 1-by-4s cap the gate's vertical edges, and three 4-1/2-inch heavy-duty hinges mount it to the jamb.
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Date:May 1, 1985
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