Printer Friendly Makes It Easy to Create Custom Photo Collages.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Transforming a digital photo album into a unique and memorable collage just got a lot easier thanks to, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based startup.

ScrapWalls allows users to construct shape collages out of their digital photo galleries in seconds by simply uploading their pictures and selecting a template. With more than 25 templates to choose from -- ranging from wedding cakes to words and mountain ranges -- ScrapWalls' simple interface and automated picture-placement make it easy to transform a photo album into a cohesive image. Unlike most existing online collage services, ScrapWalls is 100 percent web-based. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. All collages are free to share online.

Scrapwalls makes it easy to customize collages by rearranging and resizing photos. Its patent-pending auto-adjustment technology will ensure everything aligns perfectly -- eliminating the gaps and overlapping images that you get from other sites.

ScrapWalls offers inexpensive, high-quality prints of their collages ranging in size from 11" by 14" to 20" by 30". The collages are printed by District Photo, the leader in digital imaging fulfillment.


"We're focused on making the site as easy and fun as possible," said ScrapWalls co-founder and University of Michigan graduate student Joe Golden. "We wanted to get to a point where even my grandmother could go from picking a shape to ordering a print in just a few minutes."

Whether you're a casual user or professional photographer, ScrapWalls makes it easy to create customized and intricate collages with up to several hundred photos.


Scrapwalls was created when Kevin Borders, then a graduate student at U-M, had an anniversary coming up. Borders wanted the perfect, personalized five-year anniversary gift for his girlfriend, Jennifer. So he set out to make a photo collage similar to those displayed in museums or occasionally on commercials - thousands of pictures up close, one larger picture from a distance.

"I knew what I wanted," he said. "But there was no software out there that could do it." So Borders wrote the original code that would eventually become ScrapWalls.

Since its inception in 2007, the program has improved dramatically. Where Borders' original layout once required hours of resizing and arranging images, ScrapWalls' new automated template system allows users to create and customize similar collages in a matter of seconds.

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