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Scrap the schemes and save some council tax.

THE article published on the January 25 has Mayor David Budd stating why it was a good idea for the creation of a community bank.

He stated that 'The poorer people are, the more they pay for credit, and this is an attempt to redress the balance.'.

Mayor Budd and his Labour councillors have increased the burden of debt on the shoulders of residents every single year, with huge rises in council tax.

Another 5% increase is a certainty for every Middlesbrough resident in April.

We see money frittered away on failed projects; the erasure of many council estates such as St Hildas, Whinney Banks, Gresham and Grove Hill.

They have all cost a huge amount to the tax payers.

We see that there are plans to move the bus station, an introduction of a fortnightly bin collection (which also includes an added charge to residents for the removal of green waste), and a new big TV screen in Centre Square at a cost of PS500,000.

So while the community bank seems to have many positives in helping people who are struggling, Mayor Budd and his Labour colleagues can help the residents of this town by scrapping these schemes and stop putting up the council tax up by ridiculous amounts.

Cllrs Dennis McCabe Mick Saunders Brian Hubbard Jan Mohan and Jon Rathmell, Middlesbrough Independent Councillors Association So sad to read about the flying winger MANY Boro fans would have been very sad to read in The Gazette (23.1.'17) 'Flying winger' Billy was Boro crowd-pleaser.' The flying winger Billy Day delighted the Ayresome Park crowd week in and week out.

Boro fans have been fortunate to see such great footballers like Brian Clough, Derek McLean, Eddie Holiday, Wilf Mannion, George Hardwick and many other fantastic Boro players.

How very fitting that our beloved Alan Peacock should write in The Gazette Boro pages 'Billy was a lovely fella. He will be missed.' He certainly will be.

GEORGE DUNNING, Ormesby, Boro fan since 1953 ||| I WAS deeply saddened by the death of Billy Day a close neighbour in West Middlesbrough, for more than 40 years.

He would always talk about his footballing days for Middlesbrough and his work at Head Wrightson in the Sixties, and travelling to all the major race courses in the country in his later career. A wonderful human being and a credit to this town.

ABDUL ISLAM, Middlesbrough How can pensioners afford private care? ALONG with many other NHS, dental patients who are registered with Queensway Dental Practice at Billingham, I received a letter from them informing that, from April 1, they will no longer provide NHS services.

This came as a total shock, not only to me but also to hundreds of other NHS patients registered with this practice.

Phoning around, I was not surprised to find that many dental practices in Billingham, Norton and Stockton have been inundated with many NHS patients from Queensway, trying to re-register with them. The following is a sample of the new charges for treatments with Queensway Dental from the April 1. Dentures, full acrylic dentures (per arch) from PS575; surgical extractions from PS230, and if you require dental treatment in hospital under a general anaesthetic,the quote from their price list is from PS4,950.

How can a pensioner who only has a state pension to live on afford these charges? KEITH DEWISON, Billingham ||| MY wife and I have been patients at the Queensway Dental Clinic in Billingham for 25 years and have received treatment under the NHS.

We have always worked and paid national insurance.

We have received a letter from the Queensway Practice stating that as from April 1 they will no longer be able to provide us with NHS treatment. If we want to remain with the practice it has to be as a private patient paying on a monthly direct debit basis, the sum of which, we as senior citizens, cannot afford.

A lot of people will not be able to afford to pay for private treatment. If other dentists follow suit there will be no NHS at all.

Should the hospitals do the same, there will be a public outcry!

KEVIN COOLING, Billingham Vote against budget you don't support RE George Dunning's letter on the link between council tax levels and local elections (The Gazette 23.01.18), I make the following observations.

To show there is no link between the council tax and election results, George says that, from 2000-2003, Redcar and Cleveland Labour had 0% council tax rises but still lost the local elections. I would suggest, however, that, even by 2003, Labour had not recovered from the stigma it bore for having the second highest council tax in the land at the close of the millennium.

If other suit there NHS Kevin George likes 'alternative budgets' at budgetsetting time. But, it is always a mistake for opposition parties to put forward their own proposals.

By outlining a substitute budget, any cuts to services the opposition suggests will, inevitably, be used against them at election time.

The most sensible thing for any opposition to do is simply to vote against whatever budget is proposed by the ruling party.

Unless of course, perchance, they totally to agree with it!

STEVE KAY, Redcar & Cleveland Councillor MP should be praised not berated CLLR Matthew Storey's letter (Blaming civil servants is unfair 23/1/18) is typically partisan and standard fodder for a local Labour party member.

dentists follow will be. no at all Rather than take the opportunity to attempt a cheap political potshot, he should have been recognising the fact that Teesside now has one MP who has the confidence and the clout to go back to a government department and demand a better response for our area.

Cooling Over the last six months or so your average, non-political, Teessider has seen dozens of positive articles relating to the efforts of both Simon Clarke and Ben Houchen to make improvements locally.

Each time they do, a member of the Labour party pitches in with negative comments or observations that, had the article related to them, they would have been lauding from every media outlet.

STEVE TURNER, Redcar ||| IN his letter "Blaming Civil Servants is Unfair" the executive Labour councillor Matthew Storey berates the Tory MP Simon Clarke for being critical of the current government.

Well looking at that from another point of view, does that not tell us that Mr Clarke is following his conscience rather than simply following the party line? Is that not preferable to an MP or a councillor simply agreeing with all that his party puts in front of them? I remember asking Ray Mallon if all Labour councillors in the chamber were linked up to an electrical circuit since each time they were asked to vote on something, every single hand went up in unison within a second or two.

I have never voted Tory in my life (in a General Election) but I applaud Mr Clarke for his honesty at least.

CLLR JOAN MCTIGUE, Beechwood, Longlands, Grove Hill,Sutton Holmwood & Saltersgill

I would however, 2003, not d t in the millennium. 23/1/18) is fodder If other dentists follow suit there will be no NHS at all Kevin Cooling
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Date:Jan 26, 2018
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