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Scrap plastics directory available. (Plastics).

A directory of North American plastics reclaimers is now available to recyclers and scrap plastic generators.

The 2002 Scrap Plastics Market Directory is being offered by Resource Recycling Inc., Portland, Ore.

The directory features listings for more than 300 companies in North America. Listings including information on which resin types the company handles and in which format the company purchases its scrap (granulated, flaked or shredded).

More information on the 2002 Scrap Plastics Markets Directory can be obtained from Resource Recycling at its Web site,
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Title Annotation:from Resource Recycling Inc.
Comment:Scrap plastics directory available. (Plastics).(from Resource Recycling Inc.)
Publication:Recycling Today
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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