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Scrap laws that punish innocents; LETTERS.

THE worst example any teacher or headmaster can set is to punish or threaten to punish the whole class or the whole school because of the misbehaviour or the misdemeanours of the few, and when politicians adopt the same methods then they are also in the wrong profession.

So David Cameron should direct his ministers to examine every law and regulation, and if any are based on the same (punish the many because of the misdemeanours of the few) concept then they should repealed, the same directive should go out to all local and regional governments.

He should also open a No.10 website so that we can provide examples - mistrust is a cancer that destroys the meaning of life and punishing us for what others are doing is the greatest source of mistrust.

Brian Christley, Abergele.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 13, 2011
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