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Scrap charge feeder helps eliminate furnace bridging. (New product).

Vibra-Spout, a new scrap charge feeder discharge spout design by General Kinematics, Barrington, Illinois, helps to relieve bridging of long or irregular commingled materials and reduce spillage at the furnace crucible during scrap loading.

The new self-relieving, spring-loaded design was developed for the firms scrap charging feeders. An optional 360[degrees] nosepiece with hinges and springs to impart a small amount of "flex" to the assembly during vibratory feed is available. This action helps to maintain steady flow during feeding. Manual spring toggles provide additional relief, if needed.

"It's virtually impossible for long pieces or plates to feed over the sill and cause damage to furnace linings or spillage problems," said Field Sales Manager Dick Kraus. "Now we've solved jamming problems that can occur when feeding large or irregular scrap. What's more, the 360[degrees] spout feature helps to assure direct alloy feed to the hearth with no spillage over the sill."
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Comment:Scrap charge feeder helps eliminate furnace bridging. (New product).(From)(General Kinematics)
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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