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Scrap Tire Management Council.

A group of U.S. state regulators and scrap tire experts chose tire-derived fuel as the most effective method for managing scrap tires, when asked by the Scrap Tire Management Council to rate four applications of scrap tires. Of the four methods - tire derived fuel (TDF), rubber-modified asphalt, use in recycled products and civil engineering projects - many believe the TDF method will use more than half of scrap tires by 1993. The three other suggested methods will combine to account for the use of another 30%. Of the individuals polled in an educational seminar in Washington, DC, 73% believe that TDF is the most effective method, compared with 10% for rubber-modified asphalt. Respondents said that current regulatory requirements pose the greatest obstacle to the broader use of TDF technology. Rubber-modified asphalt is believed to show the greatest promise for near-term growth, with respondents predicting that scrap tire use in that application will jump from 10% to 16% between 1993 and 1995. Respondents expect only 13% of scrap tires to be recycled into new products by 1993, with that number declining to 12% by 1995.

* Italian plastics and rubber machinery exports experienced good growth for the first six months of 1991, with an increase of 8% over 1990 results, according to Assocomaplast, the Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery Manufacturers' Association.
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Title Annotation:Markets, News; survey on applications of scrap tires
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Date:Dec 1, 1991
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