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Scrabble tales, scrabble tiles.

Three volunteer workers were playing Scrabble at Uptown Bill's, the coffee house where I work. One of them, an attractive, well-built woman age 19, had to leave, and she asked me to take her place in the game. She got up and went to get her coat from a nearby chair. I looked at her Scrabble tiles and said, "Wow, you've really got a nice rack." In the middle of the word "rack," I caught the double meaning. In fact, everyone within hearing distance caught that one, and a hearty laugh echoed through town. In case you're not familiar with the slang, a "rack" is a woman's breasts.

And another piece of humor related to that fine, sometimes bawdy, alphabetic game: I found a Scrabble tile lying on the floor at Uptown Bill's. I picked it up. I said to the woman sitting at the nearby table, "Dorothy, do you want to see what my ex looks like?" She looked puzzled, and then said, "Sure." So I tossed the tile on the table. Yes, it was my X.

I have a sport coat covered with almost 1,000 Scrabble tiles. When I give poetry readings, I wear the coat and my alphabet hat. A couple of years ago I gave a reading at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis as "Dr. Alphabet." The audience consisted mainly of children up to 10 years old and their parents. During the reading, my gestures caused a tile to fall off the jacket and land on the floor next to the podium. After the reading, a little girl, probably 5 years old, came up on stage and said in a barely audible voice, "Dr. Alphabet, this letter fell off your coat." I said, "You can keep it as a souvenir if you'd like." She was delighted, and seven or eight other young kids were watching enviously. I said to them, "If you kids want a letter, come on over and pull one off my coat, whichever letter you want." They jumped to the stage, politely formed a line, and plucked their favorite letters off.

If you have a Scrabble Tile Tale, please send it to Kickshaws. Jeff Grant and I and most other Word Ways readers would like to hear them.
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