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Scotty Leavenworth.

AGE 14 HOMETOWN Menifee, Calif. CLAIM TO FAME Is there anything this guy doesn't do? He plays Peter on The WB's 7th Heaven, but Scotty's no newbie to show biz. He has an impressive resume that includes parts in The Green Mile, Simon Birch, Erin Brockovich and quite a few other films. MAN'S BFF His golden retriever pup Boo is Scotty's No. 1 companion. "I wanted a dog, and my parents were like, 'You're never home to take care of it,' and stuff like that. But they picked me up from school one day, and my morn said, 'Look in the backseat.' My two sisters were back there holding her. It was great!" HIS BACKUP BUD Mackenzie Rosman, who plays Ruthie. "We have that boyfriend-girlfriend relationship on the show. But, in real life, we're really good friends, and we hang out a lot." SCOTTY SHREDS "I've been taking guitar lessons for a little over a year now." He can play just about anything--pop, country.... ROCK ON! "I like AC/DC, rock kind of bands. I'm not a big, like, listening-to-music person. I just listen to whatever's on the radio. One of the few CDs I do have is Linkin Park." HAVING A BALL How does Scotty relieve the stress of stardom? "I've been playing paintball for two or three years. I go to Jungle Island. It's a fun place." ANY PLANS FOR SPRING BREAK? "To stay home and just kick it back and hang out with my friends." SCOTTY'S DREAM GIRL "Not taller than met" Girls under 5-foot-3, you're in!
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