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Scotty Browns Restaurant.

Owner: Robert and Scott Walker

Address: 3101 Newmarket St. Suite


Phone: 306-8823

Startup Date: Jan. 6, 2009

Square Footage: Approx. 6,000

Barkley Village has a new restaurant to match its up-and-coming business-class status. With classy, eye-catching decor, TVs in the men's room, and a diverse menu with everything from Ahi to burgers, Scotty Browns Restaurant, part of the Browns Restaurant Group based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is set on taking dining in Bellingham to another level.

"Bellingham was in need of something in the upscale dining department," Jason Cooper, general manager, said.

Sitting in a deep-red cushioned booth lined with dark wooded walls and glass panes, Cooper explained how the restaurant classifies itself as casual upscale--classy, but never stuffy. The service is fast and friendly and the atmosphere new and unique, he said.

Stone wall decor separates the kitchen from the dining area, but counter seating is available for customers who want a first-hand look at the food preparation. Tables on the east side of the restaurant have full-window views of Barkley Village and a patio to the south provides heated outdoor seating when the weather permits. Decorations such as the neon sign that reads "Everybody Loves Everybody" and what Cooper calls the "artichoke lamp" at the front desk stand out against the dark walls.

The focal point of the restaurant is the circle bar in the middle of the lounge. The bar is lowered into the floor so the bartender is at eye-level with patrons, Cooper said. A four-sided TV cube is suspended directly above the bar, giving customers on all sides a chance to watch the big game. For special events, such as the Super Bowl, large projection screens are lowered on the walls.


Business people frequent the bar for after-work drinks, and on weekends younger crowds come for the lounge, which serves the full menu, he said.

The name "Scotty Browns" was created to keep the restaurant in the Browns Restaurant Group family, but unlike most think, "Scotty" isn't named for the owner. For the "house of yes," as the neon sign above the kitchen suggests, a name was needed that resonated with the high-energy, friendly atmosphere. For the Bellingham location, the name would be Scotty Browns.

"It just rang right," Cooper said.
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