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Scottish MP digs in heels over merging.

Scottish mp Annabelle Ewing remained unrepentant last night following her ejection from the House of Commons. Ms Ewing's Perth constituency is the home of the Black Watch, whose troops have just returned from perilous mission to Iraq.

The Scottish National Party MP was ordered out by deputy speaker Sir Alan Haselhurst after refusing to apologise for calling Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon a 'backstabbing coward' after he announced that the Black Watch would be amalgamated into the new Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Two single battalion regiments in Scotland - the Royal Scots and The King's Own Scottish Borderers - will merge into a single battalion and will combine with the other four Scottish regiments, including the Black Watch.

Ms Ewing said outside, 'I've every respect for the Deputy Speaker but absolutely no respect for a shameful minister who has put Scottish soldiers in the line of fire and stabbed them in the back.'

Scottish First Minister and Labour leader Jack McConnell expressed disappointment at the plans.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 17, 2004
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