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Scottish Episcopal Church elects new primus.

Dunblane, Scotland

ACNS -- An electoral synod on May 19 elected Bishop Idris Jones, bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, as primus, or senior bishop, of the Scottish Episcopal (Anglican) Church. The seven bishops of the Scottish church participated in the election, which was chaired by the former primus, Bishop Bruce Cameron.

After his election, Bishop Jones spoke of serious tasks facing the church, which he said "is well poised in many areas to make a significant contribution to developing the life of Jones our nation. I call upon every congregation and every diocese to join with the college of bishops in making sure that our church puts forward the kingdom of God in serving the communities of which we are a part."

The role of primus, which is taken from the Latin primus inter pares (meaning "first among equals"), is to preside over the college of bishops and represent them and the wider church at home and throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Bishop Jones was consecrated bishop of Glasgow and Galloway in 1998.
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