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Scottish & Newcastle unveils new campaign.

Scottish & Newcastle Importers Co. has quietly unveiled a new advertising campaign "as refreshingly different as its flagship brand Newcastle Brown Ale," the company reported.

The campaign has begun with a series of billboards in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver.

In one ad, a pint bottle of Newcastle Brown is pictured along with the headline, "With women as tough as Maggie Thatcher, what do the men drink?" Another billboard shows a chicken next to a bottle of Newcastle with the headline: "Why haven't you tried Newcastle Brown Ale?"

"No one will have any doubts that we're a British company when they see the style and humor of our campaign," noted Kevin Moodie, general manager of Scottish & Newcastle Importers. "Newcastle Brown Ale has always been a bit unusual and somewhat off-center and the advertising style has now crossed the Atlantic for the first time."

Moodie added that the introduction of the campaign will be done slowly in an effort to pay better attention to each market.

"One of the enjoyable aspects of marketing a beer like this in the United States is that there is such an interest here in other cultures," Moodie said. "Our company is all about offering the American market a choice in its beer."
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Title Annotation:Scottish and Newcastle Importers Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 13, 1992
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