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Scott Bennett: US, UK Using al-Baghdadi as Excuse for Operations in Libya.

Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scott Bennett, former US military psychological warfare officer, says as the NATO attacked oil-rich, stable and secure Libya in 2011 on fake reports of terrorist moves in the country, the US and the UK are following the same policy to remain active in the African country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with FNA, Scott Bennett said, "Currently, there are 29 CIA training centers in Libya, or were a few years back as confirmed to an OGS official that was there as an electrician wiring those locations. So yes terrorists in training via the CIA is reality of today's Libya."

Scott Bennett is an American patriot, US army operations officer, and a global counterterrorism analyst. He has worked for US Special Operations Command, US Central Command, the State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism, etc. He has extensively written on global surveillance operations and modern psychological warfare.

Below is the full text of the interview:

Q: The US and UK forces are in Libya, allegedly in a hunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIL. Why do you think al-Baghdadi should be in Libya? Has the country become a den of terrorists?

A: To this day, the destruction of the Libyan State under Muammar Gaddafi remains one of the greatest war crimes and tragedies both in the history of the United States, as well as of NATO. This single event has resulted in thousands of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons sailing across the Mediterranean Sea and flooding into Europe -- resulting in tremendous strain on European countries, which has contributed to the inevitable break-up of the European Union and the rise of Center-Right-Wing governments in Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Britain, and soon to be France. Since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was most likely an Israeli Mossad operative, the US CIA would be fully complicit in his war crimes. Most likely the US and UK are using al-Baghdadi as an excuse for operations in Libya, in a kind of "Kabuki Theater" or play of shadows.

Q: How do you view stability and counter-terrorism measures in Gaddafi's Libya?

A: One of the greatest revelations about Libya came from American business people who were on the ground in Libya during the time of the invasion. These Americans, James and Joanne Moriarty of Texas, worked in the oil business and personally witnessed the Saudi Arabian and Qatari efforts to generate propaganda and fake news that falsely gave the impression that Gaddafi was harming civilians. In fact, it was the Saudi Arabian agents, mercenaries, and terrorists, using money supplied by Qatar, that were committing horrific war crimes in Libya, and tried to murder the Americans who were in Libya and falsely blame Gaddafi. Sadly the American CIA and FBI and other government officials in America have tried to cover-up this reality and the attack and attempted murder of American civilians in Libya by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Currently, there are 29 CIA training centers in Libya, or were a few years back as confirmed to an OGS official that was there as an electrician wiring those locations. So yes terrorists in training via the CIA is reality of today's Libya.

Q: Why was Libya attacked, if it were a secure and rich country?

A: Libya was a country of low population, with a very high standard of living, and was institution and asset rich. Gaddafi was about ready to transform the water system in Libya also and make the nation a true paradise. The original cause for the attack on Libya was The African Bank, a gold backed Dinar for all of Africa. The Zionists could not survive with that kind of competition. So Gaddafi was killed and the African bank closed. NATO's intervention in Libya was not only a horrific war crime, but in fact was a stunt or act of political cover to stop Libya from adopting a "gold dinar" based currency and leave the US dollar. Additionally, French PM Sarkozy, and Britain PM Cameron, as well as American officials like John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio were involved in the theft of millions of dollars from Libya's vaults. In fact, it has been reported that each political official who came to Libya for supportive photographs of the overthrow and new government was paid ten million dollars each, making the war on Libya a lucrative business for them.

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