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Scott Beck: building relationships and driving growth.

Salt Lake City-based CHG Healthcare Services recently named Scott Beck as its new president. And Beck has plans to continue the company's impressive growth.

When Beck joined CHG in 1999, the then-20-year-old company had 250 employees. Today, 1,500 people work for the healthcare staffing firm. Beck, who continues to serve a dual role as the company's COO, wants to see 10-15 percent growth at CHG. And though such a goal may seem lofty considering the current economic climate, Beck firmly believes he has the formula to attain it.

"I focus on doing the right things the right way at the right time," he says. "I am the 'man with the plan.' I build one relationship at a time. I bring people on board and build relationships."


At the heart of Beck's plan to grow the company is his commitment to developing leadership internally. He believes that if CHG is going to grow, additional leaders will be needed and ideally, CHG's future leaders will come from within the company.

CHG has a strong leadership development program called Leaders Leading Leaders, or L3. Through this program, Beck helps current CHG leaders become stronger and more effective and helps prepare prospective leaders to one day take on leadership roles.

"Every time you grow, you need capable leaders," he says. "We help people who are in leadership and identify those who want to be in management."

Beck spends much of his time in one-on-one meetings with employees. This opportunity provides glimpses into others' capabilities. "I get to see people grow and develop," he says. "I see them do things they didn't think they could do."

As president and COO of the company, Beck certainly encounters his share of challenges. One of those is maintaining a positive culture within the company.

"Company culture is based on how people feel and how they're treated," he says.

CHG Healthcare is the parent company to several healthcare staffing brands, including CompHealth, which is also headquartered in Salt Lake City. Through its staffing brands, CHG helped put to work almost 8,000 healthcare professionals in 2011, and that in turn provided care to nearly 7 million people nationwide.

"It's easy to feel good about the end result at the end of each week," Beck says. "I feel I've contributed positively."

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