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Scott, Martin. Death and thraxas.

SCOTT, Martin. Death and thraxas. Baen. 472p. c1999.0-7434-8850-4. $7.99. SA

The adventures of Thraxas, the brilliant private investigator of Twelve Seas, continue in this compilation of two novels, Thraxas at the Races and Thraxas and the Elvish Isles. In the first tale, Thraxas is accused of the murder of Senator Mursius and is constantly besieged with unrelated death threats. In the meantime, Deputy Consul Cicerius hires Thraxas to protect a hated Orc Lord at the Turas Memorial Race. Aided by Makri, the quarter-Orc/quarter-elf/half-human, bikini-clad swordswoman, Thraxas watches over the Ore Lord's chariot for the famous race. When the Orc chariot rider's prayer mat goes missing, Thraxas is charged with finding it. No Ore should race without the mat (due to Orc religious beliefs), and if the Ore Lord's chariot is not able to participate in the race, Turai may lose its claim on deposits of copper. Thraxas must aid the Ores at all costs to protect Turai's political interests.

In the second tale, Thraxas is visited upon by Vas-ar-Methet, an elf and old friend from the Elvish Isles, representing Lord Kalith-ar-Yil from Avula. Someone attacked his clan's Hesuni tree with an axe and then set it on fire. The Hesuni tree records the history of an elves' clan, and Thraxas believes that no elf would ever destroy such a sacred object. Vas's daughter has been charged with the crime, and Vas vows that she is innocent. So along with Makri, Thraxas travels to the Elvish Isles to discover the truth and solve the mystery.

The strength of these novels lies in their humor and quirky characters. The fast-paced plots and humorous dialog will appeal greatly to teens. Readers of Robert Aspirin, Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett will especially enjoy these lively, engaging novels combining mystery and fantasy. Those wanting to start at the beginning of the series should start with Martin Scott's Thraxas, but this title does stand alone. Highly recommended for teens looking for a fun-filled romp! Ginger Armstrong, Prin. Lib. Assoc., County PL., Chesterfield, VA

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Author:Armstrong, Ginger
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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