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International aid budget: Why Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross should join the rebellion against Boris Johnson's cuts - Scotsman comment; Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has a track record of standing up to Boris Johnson - he did, after all, resign from the UK government over the Prime Minister's failure to sack Dominic Cummings following his controversial lockdown travels. Jun 6, 2021 560
Hong Kong democracy campaigner Chow Hang Tung's arrest is a warning to the world about China - Scotsman comment; Chow Hang Tung, a barrister in Hong Kong, predicted her own arrest. Jun 5, 2021 455
National Library of Scotland's purchase of Chronicle of Fortingall helps us see into the past - Scotsman comment; In his 1953 novel, The Go-Between, the author LP Hartley wrote an opening line that is perhaps now more famous than the book itself: "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.". Jun 4, 2021 273
Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville's big plans don't let Scottish government off the hook over looming grades crisis - Scotsman comment; Many teachers will welcome the announcement by the new Education Secretary, Shirley-Anne Somerville, that Education Scotland and the Scottish Qualifications Authority are to be reformed, given the current level of dissatisfaction in classrooms. Jun 4, 2021 427
Brexit: Smaller industries set to be sacrificial lambs as UK desperately seeks new trade deals with Australia and others - Scotsman comment; As International Trade Secretary Liz Truss pointed out, "part of the promise of leaving the EU was striking deals with countries well beyond Europe". Jun 3, 2021 443
Shed of the Year Award goes to... - Scotsman comment; What is it exactly about a "shed" that is so appealing? Jun 3, 2021 341
How the natural world offers a guide to building the perfect robot - Scotsman comment; Human ideas about robots have evolved rapidly in recent years. Jun 2, 2021 329
World Health Organisation giving Bashar Assad's bloodthirsty regime a seat on the board is an outrage - Scotsman comment; In March 2011, inspired by the Arab Spring protests that had swept Tunisia's dictator from power a few weeks before, peaceful, pro-democracy protests began in the Syrian city of Deraa. Jun 2, 2021 460
Police Scotland: Officers are only human and their mental health must be looked after - Scotsman comment; Popular culture is fond of the idea that police officers are tough. Jun 1, 2021 451
Base jumping off a Scottish mountain vs a nice cup of tea - Scotsman comment; There are many ways to enjoy the great Scottish countryside. Jun 1, 2021 329
Covid inquiry is vital and urgent so Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson must not delay - Scotsman comment; Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson should be crystal clear: there is going to be an independent public inquiry into the Covid pandemic. May 29, 2021 607
Scotland's replacement Highers system: There will be hell to pay if teachers' fears are borne out - Scotsman comment; In words that clearly spoke for large numbers of Scotland's teachers and pupils, one head described the 'alternative certification model' - the replacement for this year's cancelled exams - as a "nightmare of stress for both staff and pupils". May 29, 2021 433
Scotland football team's pre-Euro trip to Spain: Why the 'lads' should beware pedalos in the Med - Scotsman comment; As Scotland's national football team flies off for a pre-tournament training camp in the Mediterranean resort of La Finca, it's good to see that at least some of us are managing to get away to Spain for the holidays. May 28, 2021 258
Covid care-home reckoning must not see a repeat of the struggle to establish why Milly Main died in a Glasgow hospital - Scotsman comment; In 2017, ten-year-old Milly Main, who was in remission from leukaemia, died at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow after going into toxic shock caused by an infection. May 28, 2021 425
Questions must be asked over Rangers supporter scenes in Glasgow - Scotsman comment; On the field, Rangers have been the epitome of excellence this season and they completed an unbeaten Premiership campaign with a 4-0 win over Aberdeen on Saturday. May 17, 2021 379
Nuclear weapons in Scotland: UK government must be more open about safety events after dramatic rise - Scotsman comment; From the most ardent opponent of 'the bomb' to the strongest supporter of Britain's independent 'deterrent', we can all agree one thing - the safety of our nuclear weapons is of paramount importance. May 16, 2021 598
Boris Johnson's plan for voter ID cards will damage democracy in the UK - Scotsman comment; Hot on the heels of the record turnout at the Scottish Parliament elections came news that the UK government aims to introduce a requirement that will, without any real doubt, cause a fall in voter numbers. May 15, 2021 433
Covid: Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon both need to realise the urgent need for an inquiry - Scotsman comment; It is a question of when, not if, an inquiry into the handling of the Covid pandemic will be held. May 14, 2021 279
SNP and Conservative MPs' petty squabbling helps no one - Scotsman comment; The House of Commons' committees are highly regarded by many for their scrupulous attention to important, but sometimes dull, details, the non-partisan nature of their investigations, and reports that can genuinely shed light on problems and propose sensible ways to resolve them. May 14, 2021 426
Covid school exam fiasco may making cheating more tempting but pupils must resist - Scotsman comment; It can be tough being a school pupil in the best of times. But in these times? May 11, 2021 261
Scottish independence referendum: Phony war between Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson must not descend into Catalonia-style folly - Scotsman comment; As new MSPs arrived for their "first day at school", with new haircuts, stationery and minds bursting with enthusiasm and ideas, many would have almost immediately found themselves embroiled in the complexities of cold, hard political calculus. May 11, 2021 445
Scottish elections 2021: Gordon Brown offers good advice to Boris Johnson over independence. But will he take it? - Scotsman comment; Michael Gove's assertion that "it is not the case now... that the people of Scotland are agitating for a referendum" was at least, in a sense, half true. May 10, 2021 463
Scottish independence: Boris Johnson's refusal to allow a referendum is playing into Nicola Sturgeon's hands - Scotsman comment; It was a spurious argument for some unionists to suggest that a low turnout in the Scottish Parliament elections would undermine the SNP's mandate to hold an independence referendum. May 9, 2021 602
Scottish election 2021: How independence question is having a distorting effect on democracy - Scotsman comment; Tactical voting has almost certainly existed for as long as democracy itself. May 8, 2021 436
Edinburgh International Festival's plans for classical music on playing fields may be just what we need - Scotsman comment; Classical music on the playing fields of Edinburgh. May 7, 2021 269
How tea grown in Scotland has wowed foodie aficionados - Scotsman comment; Tea may be ubiquitous in households across the land but when we think of its origins our minds turn to the hillsides of China, India and perhaps Kenya. May 6, 2021 309
Scottish election 2021: We must beware 'populist' liars who would corrupt our democracy - Scotsman comment; Election day is the most important time in the life-cycle of a democracy. May 6, 2021 465
Did Alex Salmond 'chuckle' about destroying Nicola Sturgeon or was it a 'guffaw'? - Scotsman comment; It is perhaps one of the strangest controversies of the whole Scottish election campaign. May 5, 2021 333
Brexit: UK's underwhelming trade deals with India are a sign of trouble ahead - Scotsman comment; India has the world's second largest population, an economy is expected to grow by 12.5 per cent this year and a large number of English speakers. The country is an obvious priority for post-Brexit trade deals. May 5, 2021 429
Covid lockdown: Scotland cannot maintain tougher restrictions on foreign travel than rest of UK - Scotsman comment; While saying there would be "some opening up" of foreign travel on May 17, Boris Johnson stressed "we have got to be cautious" to minimise the risk of a resurgence of the virus. And with good reason. May 4, 2021 433
Line of Duty ending 'underwhelming'? Why Philip Pullman was right to hail it as a triumph - Scotsman comment; The unmasking of the villain is the big scene it has all been building up to in the vast majority of crime dramas, from Scooby Doo to Hercule Poirot. May 4, 2021 348
Scottish Election 2021: New government already has an in-tray bulging with pressing issues - Scotsman comment; In less than a week's time, Scotland will have a new government. May 2, 2021 608
'Spaces for People' active-travel policies could help heal unhealthy Scotland but councils must bring the public with them - Scotsman comment; According to Hippocrates, dubbed the father of modern medicine and known for his famous oath, walking is the "best medicine". May 1, 2021 442
Scottish Election 2021: Greens' radical policies need much greater scrutiny given they could be in government within days - Scotsman comment; It is often said in business that the other party in a negotiation must be aware you are prepared to walk away if the terms of the deal are not to your liking. Apr 30, 2021 366
No Mow May: Plantlife offers gardeners a good reason to take it easy - Scotsman comment; Mowing the lawn is, for many, a weekly chore that takes the edge off just how lovely it is to have a garden. Apr 30, 2021 266
If Boris Johnson's Downing Street flat was a 'skip', what do most people live in? - Scotsman comment; The Prime Minister can't be expected to live in a skip. Apr 29, 2021 310
Covid pandemic is a global problem that requires a global solution as 'beyond heartbreaking' crisis in India shows - Scotsman comment; As the UK government revealed it is developing a digital Covid vaccine passport for use by international travellers and Spain announced plans to allow tourists with one to visit from June, in India the healthcare system appeared to be on the brink of collapse. Apr 29, 2021 395
Bonnie Prince Charlie's sulky letter to his top strategist is straight out of The Thick of It - Scotsman comment; Politics is a messy business as anyone who has been in The Thick of It - television or actual version - can attest. Apr 28, 2021 332
Scottish Election 2021: SNP cannot airily dismiss a second worrying report on the economics of independence - Scotsman comment; Another day, another worrying report about the economics of Scottish independence. Apr 28, 2021 464
Standard Life Aberdeen rebrand: Wld smplr nme thn 'Abrdn' b esr to undrstnd? - Scotsman comment; In 1825, the Standard Life Assurance Company was founded by people who clearly thought businesses should do what they say on the metaphorical tin. Apr 27, 2021 331
Boris Johnson's denial over third lockdown remark is hard for many to believe. And that's a problem - Scotsman comment; Boris Johnson is a politician with a lamentable track record of dishonesty. Apr 27, 2021 390
Covid lockdown is lifting and may be on its way out for good - Scotsman comment; In the calm before what should be a day of celebration in Scotland tomorrow - when many shops, pubs, gyms, swimming pools, museums and a host of other places will re-open for the first time in months - it is worth reflecting on the recent words of Dr Gregor Smith, Scotland's chief medical officer. Apr 25, 2021 594
Post Office scandal: Wrongful convictions of sub-postmasters is a vital warning for the Computer Age - Scotsman comment; To be falsely accused and convicted of a crime is one of the worst things that can happen to any honest, decent person. Apr 24, 2021 444
Joe Biden's climate change pledge will help to get world moving in right direction - Scotsman comment; When the US President speaks, the words echo all over the world. Apr 23, 2021 341
Brexit's effect on Scottish independence debate not quite the gift the SNP had hoped for - Scotsman comment; According to conventional wisdom, Brexit has been a gift to the independence movement. Apr 23, 2021 450
Supercomputers can save lives as climate change threat grows - Scotsman comment; When we think about the 'rise of the machines', the images conjured up can be coloured by the dystopian visions of The Terminator and other similarly gloomy films in which killer robots are out to get us. Apr 22, 2021 241
Vladimir Putin's threats as Russian troops mass on Ukraine border are a wake-up call to the world - Scotsman comment; As Vladimir Putin gave his state-of-the-nation address yesterday, dozens of people were being arrested before a rally in support of the Russian president's main political opponent. Apr 22, 2021 441
The Isle of Cumbrae gets a Minecraft doppleganger. Will Scotland get one too? - Scotsman comment; The Isle of Cumbrae is a truly beautiful part of Scotland. And now there are two of them. Apr 21, 2021 257
Covid lockdown in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon must listen to hospitality industry's concerns about new rules - Scotsman comment; On Monday, Scotland will see a further relaxation of the lockdown restrictions as a result of good progress in stopping the spread of the Covid virus and inoculating the population. Apr 21, 2021 435
Taxing online giants isn't as simple as it might appear - Scotsman comment; The low amount of tax paid by online tech giants has been an issue that has festered for years all over the world. Apr 20, 2021 432
Mars helicopter flight by Nasa is a landmark achievement that brings greatest moment in all human history a step closer - Scotsman comment; It was, as one Nasa official put it, a "Wright Brothers moment". Apr 20, 2021 292
Covid lockdown: Hospitality sector needs help not government bureaucracy at its worst as it begins to re-open - Scotsman comment; When the Covid pandemic hit and Scotland went into lockdown, Natasha Sclater understandably feared for her business, the Little House Larder in Orkney, which specialises in high-quality cheese and charcuterie boards. Apr 18, 2021 592
Scotland must not let chance to create world-leading renewable energy industry slip through its fingers - Scotsman comment; The struggles of the former BiFab yard in Fife have become emblematic of Scotland's stumbling efforts to fulfil its potential to become what has been described as the "Saudi Arabia of renewables". Apr 17, 2021 443
SNP's big-spending manifesto risks sparking a race to economic ruin - Scotsman comment; Free dental treatment for all, free bus travel for those under 22, free school breakfasts and lunches for every primary school pupil, a free internet connection and device for every child, free bikes for school-age children who cannot afford one. Apr 16, 2021 411
M&S's Colin the Caterpillar goes head to head with Aldi's Cuthbert in titanic courtroom drama - Scotsman comment; The long Cold War of supermarket caterpillar cakes has just gone hot. Apr 16, 2021 269
Ancient gender stereotypes are not a model for the present - Scotsman comment; The news that women and men performed gender-based tasks in Europe about 5,000 years ago may be open to interpretation in a number of ways, not all of them benign. Apr 15, 2021 271
House of Lords takes a step closer to democracy as Ruth Davidson dons ermine - Scotsman comment; Ruth Davidson certainly made an impact in Scottish politics and it appears she is planning to do the same when she takes up her seat in the House of Lords. Apr 15, 2021 446
Covid vaccine passports could help kickstart the economy if concerns about fairness and civil liberties can be addressed - Scotsman comment; The proposal to introduce Covid vaccine 'passports' or 'ID cards' is a good idea - that could go badly wrong. Apr 11, 2021 595
Prince Philip lived a life of duty and devotion - Scotsman comment; "Prince Philip is simply my rock. He is my foundation stone... He is someone who doesn't take easily to compliments but he has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years.". Apr 10, 2021 420
AstraZeneca vaccine: Why we should listen to a grieving sister about 'very, very small' risk of blood clots - Scotsman comment; Assessing risk is not always an easy task, but when it comes to Covid and the AstraZeneca vaccine, it seems fairly simple. Apr 9, 2021 476
Scottish Election 2021: Why Nicola Sturgeon must rule out a coalition government with Alex Salmond - Scotsman comment; Alex Salmond should have no place in Scottish politics. Apr 8, 2021 756
RSPB's Birdwatch suggests nature has moved up our priorities during Covid lockdown. But will it last? - Scotsman comment; The Covid lockdown has been credited with causing an upsurge in interest in the natural world. Apr 8, 2021 323
Scottish Election 2021: All political parties need to get serious about the economy - Scotsman comment; Economic growth in Scotland has been quite accurately described as "lacklustre" - a term some may regard as overly polite - for years. Apr 7, 2021 446
Climate change: New record for green electricity gives UK a success story for Cop26 talks but we must do more - Scotsman comment; The news that Britain's National Grid set a new record for green electricity on Easter Monday is a further sign that we are heading in the right direction - not just in the fight against climate change but also in terms of modernising our economy. Apr 7, 2021 311
Covid lockdown: Scotland takes a big step towards normality - Scotsman comment; Was it the chance to get a haircut? To stand in a big queue outside Ikea? The re-opening of garden centres in time for spring? Apr 6, 2021 315
Scottish Election 2021: Unionists need to find a clearer vision of Scotland's future in the UK - Scotsman comment; Politics is a complicated business that is routinely reduced to the simplest of slogans. Apr 6, 2021 465
UN Cop26 climate change summit is a chance for Scotland to lead the world - Scotsman comment; Whether they come or not, the fact that Police Scotland is planning for the presence of US President Joe Biden and Pope Francis at the United Nations' Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow in November is a sign of the significance of what is being billed as the most important event of its kind since the Paris Agreement was struck in 2015. Mar 26, 2021 430
Scotland hopes post-Covid 'party of all parties' will be one to remember - Scotsman comment; Economists have been talking about the prospect of the "party of all parties" when we finally get on top of the Covid pandemic. Mar 26, 2021 321
Brexit: Ship blocking Suez Canal a metaphor for perils of barriers to free trade - Scotsman comment; As anyone who has ever messed about on boats for any time at all can attest, they can be tricky things to manoeuvre. A strong current or gust of wind and you can find yourself heading inexorably for trouble. Mar 25, 2021 342
Scottish Election 2021: Henry McLeish's warning against hatred demands action by all true democrats - Scotsman comment; With Scotland in the midst of a highly charged election campaign with much at stake for this country's future, it is perhaps only to be expected that some people will get carried away with the emotion of it all, lose their temper and begin to hate those with whom they disagree. Mar 25, 2021 417
Covid lockdown anniversary: We should remember the victims but also that hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved - Scotsman comment; As people all over the UK fell silent to mark the anniversary of the imposition of the Covid lockdown, many will have remembered the victims of this terrible pandemic. People they loved, people they knew who are no longer with us. Mar 24, 2021 422
Nicola Sturgeon resignation calls: Case for a judge-led public inquiry grows - Scotsman comment; "No First Minister is above the fundamental principles of honesty and trust.". Mar 20, 2021 452
George Galloway's 'you're not a Celt like me' comment to Humza Yousaf was disgraceful and appalling - Scotsman comment; Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf could hardly have expected his tweet wishing "our celtic cousins in Ireland" a happy St Patrick's Day to be controversial. Mar 19, 2021 436
ScotRail's return to public ownership means we will know who to blame if services don't improve - Scotsman comment; There are some who appear to think nationalising everything is the answer to all our problems, while others argue privatisation provides the route to the promised land. Mar 18, 2021 443
Scotland's new genomic sequencing centre is a vital weapon against Covid and future pandemics - Scotsman comment; Amid the flurry of government activity to stop the spread of the Covid virus and protect the economy, the announcement of a new [pounds sterling]13 million genomic sequencing centre in Scotland may have slipped under many people's radar. Mar 18, 2021 325
Scotland's Covid lockdown: Detailed roadmap of end of restrictions is a huge help - Scotsman comment; We have been talking about light at the end of the lockdown tunnel since the first Covid vaccines began to be given at the end of last year. Mar 17, 2021 453
Ryan Mania's Cheltenham win is an inspiration - Scotsman comment; Life can be hard, at times almost unbearably so. And when you are at your lowest ebb, it can seem as if all hope is lost. Mar 17, 2021 304
Covid vaccine: The Who's Roger Daltrey sets an example for his generation and the rest - Scotsman comment; "I hope I die before I get old" is one of the most famous lines from what has been called the counter-culture revolution of the 1960s. Mar 16, 2021 317
After Covid, the 'miracle cure' of sport must be given the priority it deserves - Scotsman comment; "It's the miracle cure we've all been waiting for," says the NHS website, which is not usually prone to such hyperbole. Mar 13, 2021 449
Amid 'victim shaming' after Sarah Everard's disappearance, it's past time for men to do more about male violence against women - Scotsman comment; In the Commons yesterday, an MP was given special permission to make a speech lasting longer than the usual three-minute limit. Mar 12, 2021 428
UK clamps down on appliances designed to break in a welcome return to the past - Scotsman comment; It may seem like a fashionable idea to mock the 'good old days', but apparently they used to do that even in the times we now hark back to. The struggle between modernists and traditionalists is an age-old one. Mar 10, 2021 337
As Covid lockdown is relaxed, don't join the ranks of the Covidiots - Scotsman comment; At last, the long winter lockdown is beginning to ease. Even though we remain socially distant, the sense of national relief is palpable. Mar 10, 2021 454
Meghan and Harry Oprah interview: Revelations show the need for Royal Family to modernise more quickly - Scotsman comment; It has been talked about for so long that the idea of modernising the Royal Family now almost feels old-fashioned. Mar 9, 2021 445
Covid: Rangers FC and fans who broke rules should be condemned, but not the police - Scotsman comment; The crowds of Rangers' fans who gathered in large numbers to celebrate their Scottish Premiership title victory - in defiance of the Covid restrictions - should be ashamed of themselves. Mar 9, 2021 328
Scottish independence question is about more than Nicola Sturgeon vs Alex Salmond - Scotsman comment; Across the country, people have been gripped by the bitter clash between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond. Mar 7, 2021 624
Covid: Why Scotland must change to strengthen its defences against future catastrophes - Scotsman comment; Writing in The Scotsman this week, Professor Chris Johnson made plain that contingency planning for low-probability, high-consequence events like natural disasters and pandemics was far from an exact science. Mar 6, 2021 455
UK Budget: Rishi Sunak's tax rises are just the start of payback even as 'party to end all parties' looms - Scotsman comment; With Chancellor Rishi Sunak's increases set to take the overall tax burden to 35 per cent of GDP by 2025/26 - the highest level since the late 1960s under Labour Chancellor Roy Jenkins - it is clear he is planning to get public finances back on a sound footing. Mar 4, 2021 414
Alex Salmond inquiry: Nicola Sturgeon was as assured as ever but this is not over yet - Scotsman comment; Nicola Sturgeon gave her usual polished, clear and empathetic performance when she appeared before the Scottish Parliament committee investigating her government's mishandling of complaints made against Alex Salmond. Mar 4, 2021 343
Ian St John was more than just a footballing legend - Scotsman comment; In the best of ways, Ian St John was many things to many people. Mar 3, 2021 352
Alex Salmond inquiry: As Nicola Sturgeon prepares to give evidence, MSPs must focus on establishing the truth - Scotsman comment; In her foreword to the 2018 edition of the Ministerial Code, Nicola Sturgeon noted that it "sets guidelines for living up to the seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership" and said she would "lead by example in following the letter and spirit of this code". Mar 3, 2021 432
Edinburgh Festival: We should not take it for granted that it will always be a world-beater - Scotsman comment; The warning from some of the leading Edinburgh Festival Fringe companies that the event's future could be at risk unless a financial rescue package is forthcoming from the government may sound like special pleading to some. Mar 2, 2021 284
UK Budget: Internet giants should be in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's sights as he plots Covid recovery - Scotsman comment; As Chancellor Rishi Sunak prepares to deliver the UK Government's Budget tomorrow, it is clear that, for all our current troubles, there is more in the post. Mar 2, 2021 439
Alex Salmond inquiry: MSPs must test the truth of his incendiary claims about a 'malicious scheme' against him - Scotsman comment; In his evidence to the MSPs' committee investigating the Scottish government's mishandling of complaints made against him, Alex Salmond said he was not alleging there had been a conspiracy against him. Feb 27, 2021 478
Alex Salmond inquiry: Why the two roles held by Scotland's Lord Advocate should be performed by two people - Scotsman comment; Metaphorically speaking, Lord Advocate James Wolffe sports a most unusual sartorial style in that he currently wears two very different hats at the same time. Feb 26, 2021 447
Margaret Thatcher was right about Saddam Hussein and we must learn lessons of history - Scotsman comment; According to a newly released Downing Street memo, Margaret Thatcher and her Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd agreed that Saddam Hussein was a "selfish, despotic dictator" who was "behaving like Hitler" after he sent Iraqi troops to invade Kuwait in 1990. Feb 26, 2021 275
HindSight cycling glasses may be another entry on the tea towel of famous Scottish inventions - Scotsman comment; As an Olympic champion, cyclist Callum Skinner is well used to success in the sporting arena. Feb 25, 2021 369
Democracy, not a new Barnett formula, is the way to achieve fair funding for councils - Scotsman comment; Joel Barnett is probably not a name that many people would recognise today. Feb 25, 2021 486
Edinburgh's winter festivals: Complaints should be taken seriously but so should their economic effects - Scotsman comment; The news that Edinburgh council is to ask the people of Scotland's capital to help shape future Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations will delight some, particularly critics who feel the events have grown too large and cause too much disruption to city centre life. Feb 24, 2021 314
Covid lockdown timetable: Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson both caution they will be led by 'data, not dates' and we should take heed - Scotsman comment; Nicola Sturgeon has adopted a more cautious approach than Boris Johnson during the Covid pandemic, but the differences between their strategies in dealing with this terrible virus have sometimes been exaggerated, sometimes for political reasons. Feb 24, 2021 466
Scotland's new golden eagle festival should help nature conservation - Scotsman comment; The UK's first-ever festival in honour of the golden eagle - planned to be held in Moffat in September - is a further sign of our growing recognition of the importance of the wildlife with which we share these islands. Feb 23, 2021 340

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