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Scots left out in leaders' debate; Your view: Comment OF THE DAY.

tHE great tv leaders' debate was a non-event for Scottish viewers.

The debate excluded the governing parties of Scotland and Wales and was held in England in front of an English audience with only English people getting to ask questions.

alastair Stewart consistently informed us that the debate wasn't pertinent to Scotland. "Health is a devolved issue in Scotland," we were told. "Crime and police is a devolved issue in Scotland. Education is a devolved issue in Scotland."

Maybe it is now time for Scotland to have full self-determination.

James McElhill, Clydebank ... I WatCHED the party leaders' debate and thought they all had some good ideas, although I am not convinced some of the promises could be funded without hurting sections of society.

at the final bell, I decided Gordon Brown was the most assured and most believable. Despite everything that was thrown at him, he spoke with conviction and didn't pull his punches.

He told us it was not going to be easy, it would be a long, hard fight and, for that, he took the first round on points.

James Denham, Selkirkshire ... I rECENtLy received an email from the BBC in reply to my complaint about the exclusion of the government of Scotland from the leaders' debates.

They start: "We note that you're unhappy that the Scottish Nationalist Party has not been invited to take part in the Prime Ministerial Debates."

Now, leaving aside the fact that we'll be voting for a Government not a Prime Minister, the inability of the BBC to get the party name correct tells us a lot.

Craig Munro, Glasgow


TALKING POINT: Clegg, Cameron and Brown during the debate
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Date:Apr 17, 2010
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