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Scots go staring bonkers for our Monica Mark 2.

It couldn't be, could it ... the scarlet woman of the White House walking along a Scottish street?

Heads turned, fingers pointed - and wives clung just that bit tighter to their hubbies - as the buxom lass with the bobbed hair and figure-hugging suit got into her stride.

But, no, it wasn't the President's lover, Monica Lewinsky. It was Scotland's scandal-free lookalike, Hazel Hughes.

The pretty 25-year-old office worker says: "It's unbelievable. People have even stopped me in the street and told me how much I look like Monica."

Certainly, when Hazel popped into the Lismore bar in Glasgow for a drink, Bert Watt nearly choked on his pint. The fishmonger said: "Everyone in the bar did a second take."

James Fennessey and Gary Prunty, of Airdrie, did a THIRD and FOURTH take as Hazel read a newspaper in Buchanan Street.

"I thought, `I know that face,' " said Gary. And James added: "Hazel is the spitting image of Monica - it's uncanny."

The real Monica once bought Bill the special gift of a gold-coloured tie.

At Austin Reed, shop assistant Gregg Elliot said: "We get a lot of famous people in here anyway so I wasn't that startled when Hazel came in - it could have been Monica!"

Last stop was TGI Friday's, Glasgow's American bar-diner.

Barman Mike Edwin added: "Everyone was fooled by Hazel - she is the double of Monica."

And waiter Andrew Muir added: "I don't think it would be a good idea for her to walk past a building site."
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 27, 1998
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