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Scotland - the battle for independence - does anyone out there care that much?

Byline: Robert Sutcliffe

THE issue of Scottish independence has been bubbling, or festering away, depending upon your point of view for decades now.

It's good that the Scots will finally get to decide their future shortly.

And although it's potentially a momentous decision, altering the British political landscape permanently, bizarrely, apart from one Scottish acquaintance, I have yet to hear any of my friends mention it let alone pass an opinion.

We seem to be sleepwalking into the most drastic of changes in a similar kind of way to the way in which we acquired an empire in the 19th century, a process memorably described as occurring in a "fit of absence of mind".

I expect as the vote gets ever closer the classic British response to a crisis will kick in and the debate will become increasingly personal and vicious.

Prime Minister David Cameron will not want to be the one to have to tell the Queen he has just lost a huge part of her kingdom.

Curiously, there seems to be no great clamour from the Welsh for independence.

I am old enough to remember a classic Not The Nine O Clock News line about "Come home to a real fire - buy a house in Wales," but the desire for independence in Wales seems to have almost completely fizzled out.

Perhaps they need a charismatic leader such as the Scots have in Alex Salmond to put the fire back in their bellies.

The latest poll shows the 307-year union between England and Scotland has a majority in favour of maintaining the status quo but it will be fascinating to see whether that narrows or not come September.


Will the Scots vote with their feet for independence ?
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
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Date:Feb 22, 2014
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