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Scorecard system to rate underperforming power plants pushed.

By Ben Rosario

A scorecard system that will rate underperforming power plants amid the frequent power outages has been proposed to help address outages caused by insufficient power supply in the country.

Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco, chairman of the House Committee on Energy, said this is one of several proposals raised during the Joint Congressional Power Commission (JCPC) hearing recently.

Velasco, who has been seeking an assurance of sufficient power supply during the May 13 elections, said the Department of Energy (DOE) and other energy industry stakeholders must come up with lasting solutions that would put an end to persistent and seasonal power outages.

Not only sufficient and consistent power supply should be guaranteed during the midterm elections, it should be ensured throughout the canvassing of votes, he stressed.

The senior administration congressman is the co-chairman of the JCPC which has been conducting congressional hearings to determine measures to address the country's precarious power supply situation.

Earlier, Velasco called on the public to help conserve electricity to ensure power supply on election day.

He also appealed to shopping mall owners and other big industries to use generator sets to reduce the use of electricity on May 13.

Velasco underscored the need for "fair, clean and credible elections unblemished by any power outages or brownouts, particularly in canvassing areas."

During the JCPC, Velasco said the scorecard system for power plants has been proposed. This will determine the frequency and causes of power outages and will include their compliance to reportorial requirements.

Aside from this, it has also been proposed that Standardization of Power Supply Agreements (PSAs) be observed to ensure compliance on provisions of power replacement in case of outages.

Velasco said the JCPC was also urged to implement the Causer's pay principle -- where the cause of the increase in electricity as a result of unplanned, forced outages shall shoulder the increase in electricity prices, instead of being passed to consumers.

According to Velasco the problem of power outages is not just a problem of insufficient supply or power reserves by power generation companies and urged industry players to look into the problems associated with transmission and distribution.

The joint panel has passed a resolution approving the amendments to the EPIRA IRR giving direct benefits to communities hosting power plants, Velasco said.


Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco (FACEBOOK / MANILA BULLETIN)

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Date:May 6, 2019
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