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ScoreCleaner DoReMIR Music Research;;; MSRP $139.00; Teacher Version $99.00; Student Version $69.00.

DoReMIR Music Research has released ScoreCleaner in the United States. ScoreCleaner is the notation software that has been revolutionizing the European market for digital notation since 2011. ScoreCleaner is a notation tool that enables musicians, composers, teachers and ensemble leaders to notate music instantly while they play. Unlike other notation software, ScoreCleaner is truly plug and play, converting live performances to accurate notation in real time, with absolutely no training required.

The technology behind ScoreCleaner is built on 20 years of academic research in music cognition, which seeks to explain how humans understand music on a basic level. From that research, DoReMIR has designed software that understands musical phrasing and artistic intent.

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Title Annotation:Musical Merchandise
Publication:American Music Teacher
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Date:Apr 1, 2013
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