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Scoop-Flush Technology for Dog Owners is Best New Selling Product for UK Catalogue Company.

LEDBURY, England, October 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Herefordshire based family business, Maface Solutions Ltd, invented, developed and launched the first and only 5 in 1 pooper scooper for the garden in March 2012. The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer continues to wow dog owners with its patented 'scoop-flush' technology, providing a fully comprehensive and hygienic way to clear waste from the home environment. The device can be left outside in all weather, and grabbed daily to cover, clear, sanitise, store and seal away pet waste.

Inventor and Managing Director, Stuart Kirby says,

'Despite technological progress for many other aspects of our lives, there's been very little advancement in the area of dog waste clearance. It's about time an easy way to clear and sanitise is available for the garden. After all, this is where we lounge, dine and children play!'

The dooup CPWC has been selling in the U.K for over two years with some success. Well known catalogue company, Scotts and Co named it best new selling product in 2012 and it was given Editor's Choice in Dogs Today magazine.

Apart from the convenience factor, the dooup has both health and green credentials. The garden friendly dooup sanitising fluid included in the starter pack automatically sprays the inner scoop of the dooup and the affected area of the garden terrain whilst clearing the waste into the storage chamber. This works to prevent the spread of some of the 23 million bacteria that can be harmful to garden users and the environment.

The small team at Maface Solutions recognised the need to develop a product for dog walkers and set about identifying an ideal concept to encourage dog owners to divert from the only real competition - 'the hand in the bag method'. They claim that portable scoopers have been unsuccessful due to the inconvenience of having to remember to carry something extra while on their walks. Their concept of easy clearance and storage on the go works to benefit the dog walker in other ways so that it's not just about clearing dog waste.

Marketing Director, Helen Morris says,

'Brand dooup is about making it easier for dog owners to be more responsible and mindful of hygiene, particularly with regards to dog waste clearance. Scientists have stressed that dog waste is affecting our waterways and aquatic life and the constant complaints to authorities about dog waste proves that innovation is required to promote a change'.

The dooup walk-ease is due for launch next spring/summer, making dooup the 'go to' brand for animal waste clearance for gardens and walks. Like the dooup CPWC for the garden, the dooup walk-ease is the first of its kind and designed for convenience; a 'grab and go' product that holds everything needed for a short or long dog walk. It attaches comfortably to the body and to the lead to enable a hands-free walking experience which works as added security when walking near busy roads. With a hand sanitiser, dog water bottle, and waste bags already loaded, along with a concealed 'easy draw and store' scoop, there are many reasons for adopting this product for the daily walk. An additional section to store full waste bags is kept hygienically confined so that the walker is no longer reliant on finding a dog poo bin. Further benefits include pockets for treats to assist with training, and a section for a ball thrower or umbrella all work to give extra purpose to this 'carryall', light-weight, convenient pack.

The Brown Energy Vision

These innovative products are perfectly positioned as the best clearing and storing devices to assist in the future of turning dog waste into energy. The prospect of implementing units across communities that work as deposit stations for animal waste, collected and stored by dooups will encourage dog owners to respect this hazardous waste, thus reducing the amount left in public areas. The products offer a better way to deal with the waste and will encourage careful disposal to assist in diverting much of the dog waste that's sent to landfill which costs the UK government in excess of [pounds sterling]70 million per year. This waste could be used to benefit communities by powering street lamps.

It's clear that a lack of awareness is costing more than just money as dog waste continues to compromise our surroundings, harm the environment and even pose a threat to people's health. With the Brown Energy strategy in place, dog owners could become net contributors to a greener, more sustainable future.

Contact: Helen Morris,, +441531636725
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