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Scipio. (Audiobooks: Fiction).

SCIPIO. Ross Leckie. 1998/2002. Read by Paul Matthews. 12 tapes. 16.25 hrs. Clipper Audio, dist. by Recorded Books. 1-84197-375-2. $102.00. Vinyl; plot notes. A*

Scipio is the second novel in a proposed trilogy, following the acclaimed Hannibal. The life of Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus is dictated as a memoir to his amanuensis Bostar, who served Hannibal in the first novel as his mapmaker. We meet the young Scipio when he is a boy, living a lonely life with his mother. His father, the elder Scipio, spends his time in the senate or leading an army. Scipio joins the senate a year early, when he is 17, but is called to military duty by his father when Hannibal appears as Rome's nemesis. The elder Scipio is killed in battle with Hannibal. and it is left to his son to defeat the Carthaginians. which he does at the battle of Zama. These are the facts in the life of Scipio, but the story brings to life the bloody battle, rape, pillage. and politics that were Rome. The novel is excellent at all times, but especially during the battle scenes. which are graphic.

Matthews narrates. No, that is not entirely accurate: Matthews acts out the novel, putting the reader in each scene as if in a film. You can almost smell the sweat and hear the moans of dying men. Each character, male or female, is easily identifiable, so accurately does Matthews create them. Janet Julian. Grafton, MA
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Author:Julian, Janet
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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