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mnd linked to intense workouts; Scientists say training can raise risk. MARTIN BAGOT Jun 12, 2021 239
Motor neurone disease 'conclusively' linked to intense exercise by scientists; Scientists say the link between MND and strenuous exercise is 'conclusive'. By, Laura Clements Jun 11, 2021 567
Warning to pet owners over toxic blue-green algae found in Chesterfield; Scientists are warning about blue-green algae which has been identified in Chesterfield and can be fatal for pets and harmful to people's health. Michael Broomhead Jun 11, 2021 423
Strenuous exercise increases the risk of motor neurone disease, scientists find; Scientists have long worried intensive exercise was a risk factor for motor neurone disease, as it disproportionately hit sports stars like footballer Stephen Darby -but until now studies had struggled to prove a link. By, Martin Bagot Jun 11, 2021 673
Social distancing rules could be needed 'forever' to stop Covid, says SAGE scientist; Professor Susan Michie, of University College London, said she thinks some restrictions could be needed over the long-term as Brits wait for Boris Johnson is the so-called Freedom Day can happen on June 21. By, Jonathan Coles Jun 11, 2021 652
Scientists confirm new dinosaur species found in Xinjiang. Jun 10, 2021 226
Scientists shed new light on Aurora Borealis. Jun 8, 2021 161
Experts urge people not to share pictures of their vaccine card on social media; Data scientist and McAfee fellow Raj Samani has warned against posting pictures of your coronavirus vaccine card on social media as it could put you at risk of being a victim of identity fraud. By, Paige Holland Jun 8, 2021 350
Scientists Worldwide Pledge Their Trust in Science in Celebration of the International Day of Light. Jun 8, 2021 919
Scientists find strange creature in oceans. Jun 7, 2021 223
Delta variant may have higher risk of serious illness as Covid cases jump to highest since February; The Delta variant of Covid-19 may lead to a higher risk of serious illness than previous variants, scientists believe, as Scotland recorded the highest number of daily cases since mid February and Nicola Sturgeon warned a third wave has begun. Elsa Maishman Jun 5, 2021 994
Fatigue and depression found to be common symptoms of mild Covid; Other neurological and psychiatric side-effects include loss of smell, loss of taste and weakness, scientists found. By, Nina Massey (PA) & Erin Santillo Jun 4, 2021 553
Arctic sea ice 'thinning up to twice as fast as previously thought'; Scientists are concerned that some parts of the Arctic could become ice-free by 2040. By, Nilima Marshall (PA) & Erin Santillo Jun 4, 2021 576
Prior Covid infection can reduce the risk of re-infection for up to 10 months, study finds; The research of care home staff and residents was carried out by University College London (UCL) scientists and has been publishedin the The Lancet Healthy Longevity. By, Alistair Smout & William Walker Jun 4, 2021 385
Scientists demand delay to June 21 unlocking as Indian variant cases surge; The Delta coronavirus variant, previously known as the Indian variant, is now believed to be dominant in the UK and there are signs it may lead to an increased risk of being admitted to hospital. By, Chris Kitching Jun 4, 2021 419
Contrasting maps show how UK Covid situation has changed in your area in last 6 months; Infection data maps reveal how far the UK has come since the dark days of late December -but show why scientists are worried about the Delta variant following a resurgence in coronavirus cases. By, Dave Burke Jun 4, 2021 1048
Covid surge testing in Kent and West Yorkshire as children urged to get checked; Additional testing targeting the Indian variant is being rolled out in areas of Kent and West Yorkshire after fresh cases were detected, as scientists urge the government to delay the next stage of lockdown easing. By, Talia Shadwell Jun 4, 2021 571
Breast cancer: Scientists hail 'major breakthrough' in breast cancer treatment; Scientists believe they have made a 'major breakthrough' in the treatment of breast cancer by using the targeted cancer drug olaparib after chemotherapy. Gary Flockhart Jun 4, 2021 596
Any reopening delay 'weeks, not months', says scientist. Jun 4, 2021 348
Scientists beginning to unlock secrets of Covid. LISA O'BRIEN Jun 4, 2021 804
Scientists beginning to unlock secrets of Covid. LISA O'BRIEN Jun 4, 2021 804
Any reopening delay 'weeks, not months', says scientist. Jun 4, 2021 348
Experiment proves watching films on big screen is better by monitoring bio-signals; Independent scientists were commissioned by ODEAON and monitored the behaviour of 12 participants using neurotechnology headsets which monitor bio-signals via sensors around the head. By, Steve Richmond Jun 3, 2021 801
Portugal 'could be axed from green list' in government announcement today; Scientists from the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) are concerned about rising Covid cases in the Portugal, which was one of just 12 countries and territories included on the 'green list' last month. By, Dave Burke Jun 3, 2021 683
Solace in Science. Carter, Jacob Jun 3, 2021 761
Edinburgh experts robot dog will help experts understand hazardous environments; A four-legged robot "dog" is helping scientists in Scotland research how the machines can help people working in hazardous environments such as oil platforms and refineries. Lucinda Cameron Jun 2, 2021 616
Scientist funded by Gates had child sex abuse images. GORODON CURRIE Jun 2, 2021 170
Scientists visit inter-cropping technology trails of IUB. Jun 2, 2021 154
Scientists visit inter-cropping technology trails of Islamia University, appreciate the technology. Jun 2, 2021 178
New campaign group formed in Northumberland to help fight climate change; Artists, scientists, farmers and people from all walks of life have banded together to launch a new Northumberland-based group to help fight climate change. Ian Smith Jun 2, 2021 441
Scientists split on further easing of lockdown. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Jun 2, 2021 1707
Boris Johnson urged to 'get on with it' and lift lockdown on June 21 by ministers; It comes after scientists lined up to warn Boris Johnsonto delay the final stage of England's roadmap due to concerns about the Delta strain -formerly known as the Indian variant. By, Lizzy Buchan & William Walker Jun 2, 2021 440
Wriggly business: Hundreds of worms to fly to space to help understand human muscle loss; To help scientists understand more about human muscle loss and preventative measures to take, hundreds of tiny worms are set to blast off to the International Space Station (ISS). Hannah Brown Jun 2, 2021 501
Tributes for a Melton community stalwart; Tributes have been paid to Cyril Bowes, a prominent former scientist at Pera and a keen Melton historian, following his death at the age of 84. Nick Rennie Jun 2, 2021 409
Scientists Successfully Test Cancer-Killing Drug That May Replace Chemotherapy. Jun 1, 2021 419
Ugandan scientists test Virtual Reality in managing Covid-19. Jun 1, 2021 886
Everything we know about Covid-19 third wave risk -how it happens and role of vaccines; Scientists are split on whether the Government should press ahead with the final stages of easing social restrictions later this month. By, Martin Bagot & Katie Dickinson Jun 1, 2021 475
Euro 2020: Boost for Scotland's Tartan Army attending Glasgow Green as scientist says evidence of Covid transmission in fan zones 'relatively modest'; Evidence of transmission of Covid-19 in outdoor settings such as fan zones is "relatively modest", a leading scientist has said. Gary Flockhart Jun 1, 2021 423
Vaccines give 'false sense of security', says leading scientist. Jun 1, 2021 237
Scientist urges delay to unlocking amid fears of third wave. Jun 1, 2021 645
Scientists say lessons from earth's history should spur climate action; Sea level was 20 metres higher and beech trees grew in Antarctica the last time levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were as high as they are today, according to new international research. Ilona Amos Jun 1, 2021 419
'NHS will give gift of life if politicians and the public give the tools and funds'; US gene therapy is further proof that medical science is an overwhelming force for good -after Covid, scientists and the NHS will give us the gift of life if politicians and the public give them the tools and funds to do the job. By, Voice of the Mirror Jun 1, 2021 374
Burnley patients warned over potential test delays due to strike action; Burnley patients face test delays as biomedical scientists begin three week strike action in back pay dispute. Dominic Collis May 31, 2021 455
Scientists on Covid front line begin three weeks of strike action in East Lancashire over pay dispute; Biomedical scientists at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust have started their three-week strike after claiming bosses reneged on an upgrading pay agreement. Sean Gleaves May 31, 2021 460
Edinburgh scientists' successful test of cancer-killing 'Trojan Horse' drug marks 'important advance'; A "Trojan Horse" drug which can kill cancer and bacterial cells without damaging nearby healthy tissue has been successfully tested by scientists in Edinburgh. Gary Flockhart May 31, 2021 446
British scientists invent new 'sugar bomb' which takes seconds to destroy cancer cells; So far the "sugar bomb" treatment has been tested successfully on brain cancer but it could also be used to tackle breast, prostate and lung tumours in what may be a huge breakthrough. By, Thomas Hornall, PA & Lucy Skoulding May 31, 2021 525
Scientists rule out stone eating as cause for throat cancer. May 30, 2021 441
Revealed: Footprints leading from forest grave to the door of a killer; Scientist on how team traced soil in the tread of a muddy boot to catch a murderer. Janet Boyle May 30, 2021 1329
'I want to teach my daughter that the world is precious' Good Morning Britain meteorologist Laura Tobin talks about having a premature baby, wanting her little girl to be a scientist and her dreams of going on Strictly. Laura Tobin May 30, 2021 1729
Chinese scientists who tried to cover up man made Covid-19. May 30, 2021 551
Covid 'created by scientists who tried to cover tracks', claims study as UK helps US probe; British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr Birger Sørense found "the likelihood of Covid being the result of natural processes is very small". By, Nathan Hyde May 29, 2021 708
Court orders striking lab scientists to return to work. May 28, 2021 283
Scientists catch magnetic waves in sun's photosphere. May 28, 2021 168
Scientist adds fellowship to his long list of achievements. JAMIE WILDE May 28, 2021 446
Number of 'Yorkshire variant' Covid-19 cases in the UK passes 100; More than 100 cases of a variant of Covid-19 discovered by scientists in Yorkshire have been recorded in the UK. Nathan Hyde May 28, 2021 498
German scientists claim to know why AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines cause blood clots. May 28, 2021 289
Neil Warnock must strike gold for final shot at Middlesbrough; IT does not take a rocket scientist to deduce where Middlesbrough must improve if they are to have a fighting chance of returning to the Premier League in 2021-22. Leon Wobschall May 28, 2021 854
Scientists stunned after giant tortoise extinct 100 years ago found alive and well; A giant female tortoise from the Chelonoidis phantasticus species and thought to have gone extinct a whole century ago has been found on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. By, Claire Gilbody-Dickerson May 27, 2021 475
Blood clot puzzle solved and scientists know how to stop it. May 27, 2021 305
70 scientists of IUB included in AD Scientific Index 2021. May 27, 2021 396
Scientists 'find cause of rare blood clots linked to Covid jabs' and 'could fix it'; Concerns have been raised over possible links to rare blood clots in patients who have been given either the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccine. By, Deena Beasley & William Walker May 27, 2021 430
Scientists to run three marathons to raise funds for vital MS research; A dozen multiple sclerosis (MS) researchers are to collectively run three marathons - nearly 80 miles - to raise money for charity at this year's Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF). Caitlyn Dewar May 27, 2021 1064
Scientists explain why retirees have low life expectancy. May 27, 2021 575
NLC summons striking lab scientists over KATH row. May 27, 2021 209
More lives at risk as clash between lab scientists, doctors spreads nationwide. May 27, 2021 1062
Lab scientists declare nationwide strike over KATH row. May 26, 2021 227
COVID19: Scientists mull withdrawal of AstraZeneca jab. fm May 26, 2021 267
National scientist joins int'l conference. May 26, 2021 575
Scientists use whale carcasses to help answer mysteries. May 26, 2021 152
Aussie scientists use drones to study sea cows. Xinhua News Agency May 26, 2021 334
Scientists are ignoring unattractive plants. Here's why it should stop. May 25, 2021 366
Scientist who fed world dies. May 24, 2021 297
'Hybrid-rice king of Philippines' cherishes cross-generation friendship with Chinese scientist Yuan Longping. Obituary May 24, 2021 713
China Focus: "Father of hybrid rice" Yuan Longping dies at 91. Obituary May 24, 2021 633
Wuhan lab workers 'fell ill weeks before Covid emerged' fuelling leak theory; The Wuhan Institute of Virology has denied that a leak was to blame, though a group of leading scientists has said the virus' origin is still unclear and the theory needs to be taken seriously until a rigorous data-led investigation proves it wrong. By, Chris Kitching & David Shepardson & Andrea Shalal May 24, 2021 1334
Single Covid vaccine dose 'not particularly protective,' says Nervtag scientist; But 'chances of severe illness and death are markedly reduced'. By, Max Channon May 24, 2021 448
Nigeria lab scientists honour Ugwuanyi as 'COVID-19 Response Champion'. May 24, 2021 258
Lab scientists to stage nationwide strike as tussle with KATH escalates. May 24, 2021 329
Cherry aid as scientists film trees around the clock to discover secrets behind fruit's devastating June Drop. Krissy Storrar May 23, 2021 864
Cherry aid as scientists discover secrets behind film trees around the clock to fruit's devastating June Drop. Krissy Storrar May 23, 2021 861
Millions of Brits 'tracked by their phones' after Covid jabs to see if behaviour changed; Privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch branded the use of mobile phone figures by scientists performing a study for the government a 'chilling' use of personal data. By, Talia Shadwell May 23, 2021 518
EXTINCTION; CALL TO PROTECT MARINE ECOSYSTEMS Scientists warn that one of the most famous killer whale pods to frequent Scotland's shores faces dying out.. Experts fear dwindling numbers could spell end of west coast orca. MIKE MERRITT May 21, 2021 512
Scientists reveal invasive species cost country Sh8.22tn. May 20, 2021 415
Seven Covid-19 cases with variants first found in S. Africa detected in Kuching, says Universiti Malaysia Sarawak scientist. May 20, 2021 284
Striking Lab scientists, doctors cross words as patients strand at KATH. May 20, 2021 789
Scientists uncover secret of hunger. May 20, 2021 156
Court told boots had blood stains; Forensic scientist tells jury marks showed 'forceful contact'. DAVID BANNER May 20, 2021 517
Court told boots had blood stains; Forensic scientist tells jury marks showed 'forceful contact'. DAVID BANNER May 20, 2021 518
Scientists find particles of ultrahigh energy in Milky Way. May 20, 2021 888
Scientists hailed for DNA work. May 19, 2021 152
Scientists hailed for DNA work. May 19, 2021 152
Scientists propose a rethink of the role of carbs in obesity. May 18, 2021 308
School's budding scientists make their mark with a national award. May 17, 2021 151
Ignore lockdown easing and meet outside to beat Indian variant, warns scientist; From Monday in England people can socialise indoors in homes, pubs and restaurants, and physical contact between households will once again be allowed. By, Catherine Wylie & Aine Fox & William Walker May 17, 2021 658
Scientists propose science-based diet to feed Metro Manila by 2050. May 16, 2021 2240
A SHOT AT LIFE; Scientist tells how pioneering drug trials could finally halt spread of lethal disease that claims 400,000 lives every year Hopes of malaria vaccine by 2023. Sally McDonald May 16, 2021 1124
Scientists plan to use FA Cup final to study Covid-19 transmission. May 15, 2021 224
US scientist who invented Post-it Note glue dies at 80. Obituary May 14, 2021 226
Midlothian scientists part of coronavirus early warning system team; Midlothian scientists are part of a team developing a coronavirus early warning system that could prevent future lockdowns by combining data on vaccine uptake with wastewater testing. Kevin Quinn May 14, 2021 458
Ordinary Scots to welcome COP26 visitors with homesharing network; From flats and family homes to couches and spare rooms, it is a grassroots network designed to offer a warm welcome to delegates, campaigners, and scientists coming to Scotland's biggest city for COP26. Martyn McLaughlin May 14, 2021 1057
Scientists on Covid front line in East Lancashire plan more strikes over pay dispute; Biomedical scientists in the frontline of Covid-19 testing at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust are ramping up their industrial action with a further three weeks of strikes in June, after claiming that bosses reneged on an upgrading pay agreement. Dominic Collis May 14, 2021 167
Israeli scientists expose coronavirus' unique mechanism to outsmart immune system. May 14, 2021 216
To be a Pinoy scientist. Villaraza, Aaron May 14, 2021 1847
Accidental Wuhan coronavirus lab leak theory 'remains viable', scientists claim; An accidental Wuhan lab leak of the Covid virus "remains viable" as Stanford's David Relman said escapes "happen far more often than anyone would like to admit". By, Claire Gilbody-Dickerson May 14, 2021 460
Experts fear end of lockdown could be delayed as Indian variant cases triple in a week; Scientists advising the Government believe the final stage of Boris Johnson's road map out of lockdown -set for June 21 -could be pushed back. By, Ryan Merrifield & Katie Dickinson May 13, 2021 506
Slovak scientists will cooperate with MIT. May 13, 2021 497
Top scientists question the need for Covid booster shots. Reuters News Service May 13, 2021 1128
China mulls sending spacecraft to edge of solar system, - scientist. May 13, 2021 151
Peatlands expert awarded university professorship for globally important work in Scotland's Flow country; A Scottish scientist regarded as one of the world's leading experts on peatlands has been made a professor at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). Ilona Amos May 13, 2021 597
Edinburgh University develops new early warning system that could avert future lockdowns; A team of scientists at Edinburgh University is developing a Covid-19early warning system that could prevent future lockdowns by combining data on vaccine uptake with wastewater testing. Shona Elliott May 12, 2021 596
'Coronavirus can cause men to become impotent', scientists from University of Miami find; Scientists have found, in the latest long-term covid side-effect, that the virus can cause men who get infected with it to become impotent. Hannah Brown May 12, 2021 663
Coronavirus: Scientists support vaccine booster shots. Staff Reporter May 12, 2021 574
Covid scientist says UK could be 'completely back to normal' by end of the year; Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme Professor Graham Medley said the country may be back to normal by the end of the year if there were limited threats from variants. By, William Walker May 12, 2021 605
Cerne Abbas Giant surprises scientists as they work out its age; "Everyone was wrong, and that makes these results even more exciting,". By, Neil Shaw May 12, 2021 733
Scientists mull end of masks in schools; FOLLOWING ENGLAND'S LEAD ON MONDAY 'ACTIVELY CONSIDERED'. OWEN EVANS Daily Post Reporter May 12, 2021 303
Scientists fear delay to lockdown end as India variant cases in UK 'triple in a week'; A member of Sage has admitted "a delay is possible" in relation to the final phase of lockdown easing in England on June 21 due to the spread of the Indian variant. By, Ryan Merrifield May 12, 2021 505
Strandings are mystery to scientists. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor May 11, 2021 151
Epilepsy gene discovered by Chinese scientists. Xinhua News Agency May 11, 2021 317
Indian or South African Covid variants 'could overtake to become dominant in UK'; Scientists responsible for monitoring for mutant Covid-19 in Britain have discovered that the Indian variant can spread "at least" as well as the Kent variant which is currently the dominant strain. By, Martin Bagot May 10, 2021 422
Leeds study leads to hope of artificial intelligence being used to help treat advanced bowel cancer; Scientists at the University of Leeds have developed a technique using artificial intelligence (AI) which could help treat patients in the advanced stages of bowel cancer. Joanna Wardill May 10, 2021 288
Scientists say Boris Johnson 'doesn't need to wait until June 21' to relax more rules; Boris Johnson is set to order the next step in the relaxation of Covid restrictions in a Downing Street press conference on Monday but all restrictions won't be lifted until June. By, William Walker May 10, 2021 562
Green list travel system is 'window dressing' and will let in variants, warn scientists; From May 17, the ban on taking a holiday abroad is set to be lifted and international travel will once again be allowed. But Brits returning from most countries will have to isolate. By, William Walker May 10, 2021 459
Variant among accelerators of India's Covid explosion: WHO top scientist. May 10, 2021 190
COVID Variants May Emerge That Are Not Covered By Vaccine, Scientists Warn. May 9, 2021 603
Scientists tag and trace young salmon to track their trips and keep them safe; Experts monitor endangered fish. Krissy Storrar May 9, 2021 549
Variant accelerating India's COVID explosion: WHO top scientist. May 9, 2021 730
Chinese scientists use giant telescope to break new ground in pulsar research. Andrew Rosenbaum May 8, 2021 364
UAF scientists to uplift country's agriculture and livestock sector: VC. May 8, 2021 248
Chinese scientist to donate lightning resistant umbrellas to Pakistan. May 8, 2021 351
UAF scientists to uplift country's agriculture and livestock sector: VC. May 8, 2021 248
UAF scientists urged to exploit opportunities. May 8, 2021 245
University of Chichester to study the impact of gaming on mental health; Scientists are set to examine the mental health of professional video game players in a new study which intends to reveal the impact of competitive gaming. May 7, 2021 288
Eat less meat to prevent further pandemics, says expert; Reducing how much meat we eat can help control evolution and transmission of diseases, says scientist. By, Max Channon & Emily Beament, PA May 7, 2021 565
SA scientist appointed to lead a major European physics experiment. May 7, 2021 501
Bald men up to two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer severe Covid symptoms; Scientists say the male sex hormones called androgens -which cause hair loss -make them more susceptible to having the most severe symptoms of coronavirus. By, Mark Waghorn & Kelly-Ann Mills May 6, 2021 370
MBN Solutions launch new data science podcast 'AI Right?' MBN Solutions' new monthly data science podcast, AI Right?, explores news and industry issues with a view to making the data science industry more accessible. Stephen Emerson May 6, 2021 567
Artists, scientists collaborate for art exhibit at Brushwood Center. Brushwood Center submission May 6, 2021 494
Maseng: Womanist, scientist. May 6, 2021 1487
PLEA TO TAKE BOOSTER JAB; Topping up immunity is vital, say scientists. MARTIN BAGOT Health & Science Editor May 6, 2021 285
PLEA TO TAKE BOOSTER JAB; JULY 31 Topping up immunity is vital, say scientists. MARTIN BAGOT Health & Science Editor May 6, 2021 274
Scientists are still struggling to understand the sea level risks posed by Antarctica. May 6, 2021 1497
Scottish scientists working to tackle impact of warming climate on city-dwellers across the globe; Scottish scientists are working in some of the hottest places in the world on a project aimed at saving lives and future-proofing cities as temperatures rise as a result of climate change. Ilona Amos May 6, 2021 476
Fourth lockdown 'unlikely' but restrictions could return if variants resist vaccine; The scientist whose modelling led to the first nationwide lockdown last year, Professor Neil Ferguson, said the UK is 'on a steady course' out of the pandemic. By, William Walker May 5, 2021 413
The telltale mark on your nails a scientist says shows you could have had coronavirus before; The claim has had everyone staring at their fingers. By, James Rodger & Chiara Fiorillo & Ffion Lewis May 5, 2021 469
Scientist warns 'Covid nails' could be sign you had coronavirus before; Professor Tim Spector said people who have a 'clear line' on their nails may have had the virus. The line could be caused by the interruption of growth to your nail due to injury or illness. By, James Rodger & Chiara Fiorillo May 5, 2021 465
Scientists scramble to determine landing site of Chinese rocket debris. Arab News May 5, 2021 298
Coronavirus in the UK: Take Boris Johnson's claim 'one-metre plus' rule can be ditched in June with 'pinch of salt', says St Andrews University professor; A Scotland-based scientist who advises the UK Government has said the public should take the Prime Minister announcement that social distancing could be scrapped in June with a "pinch of salt". Gary Flockhart May 4, 2021 395
April 2021 was the sunniest on record, say Lancashire scientists; This April was the sunniest since records began, scientists from Lancaster University's Hazelrigg weather station have shown. Phil Cunnington May 4, 2021 572
Scientists find a cool way to turn turtle. May 3, 2021 410
Scientists seeking fish with 'bold' personalities to clear away parasites. STAN ARNAUD May 3, 2021 523
Scientists create tiny brain models that could speed up search for MS treatments; Scientists at Edinburgh University have created tiny 3D models of the brain that could help speed up drug research for neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS). Elsa Maishman May 3, 2021 402
Can and "should" Qualitative Research Be Value-Free? Understanding the Epistemological Tussle between Positivists and Interpretivists. Dr. Dayyab Gillani May 3, 2021 5220
8 Filipinos Listed Among 100 Outstanding Asian Scientists. May 2, 2021 552
Five VN scientists named among Asia's best. May 1, 2021 547
Dezinformatsiya: The Original Fake News. Viewpoint essay May 1, 2021 2481
DOST: Balik Scientist develops kadios as skin antibiotic. Apr 30, 2021 358
vaccinated? then go out and have fun; Top scientist says risks 'tiny' as rates plummet. MARTIN BAGOT Apr 30, 2021 471
Vaccinated Brits told 'get out and socialise' with Covid eradicated in most areas; EXCLUSIVE: One of Britain's leading scientists monitoring Covid-19 tells the Mirror the virus is almost eradicated but the elderly are being 'terrified by Government messages' and should 'get out there and socialise'. By, Martin Bagot Apr 29, 2021 1298
Scientists don space suits to explore Lava Tubes. Apr 29, 2021 229
Scientists in call to scrap masks and distancing. Apr 29, 2021 404
University scientists in a spin over star rotation. Apr 29, 2021 260
'Serve and give back to the country': DOST calls on previous scholars, scientists to join PH's Virology Institute. Apr 29, 2021 508
8 Filipino scientists named as among Asian Scientist Magazine's most outstanding researchers in Asia. Apr 29, 2021 483
Ilonggo named as one of Asia's Top 100 scientists. Apr 29, 2021 288
Scientists sign letter in call to scrap masks and distancing. LYDIA STEPHENS Reporter Apr 28, 2021 361
Sharpening the focus on the mission to make the impossible possible - Claudia Cavalluzzo; When I was still studying at university in the early 2000s, gene therapy was described as the 'magic bullet'. It was considered a fantasy that scientists were continually pursuing, despite their constant failures. Fast forward almost 20 years and today, gene therapy has become a recognised part of our lives, as a well-known strategy to fight Covid-19. Claudia Cavalluzzo Apr 28, 2021 593
Scientist, 26, died after 'falling into canal'. CHRIS SLATER Apr 28, 2021 310
WEBCHAT Scientists tell government to scrap face masks and distancing by June. Apr 28, 2021 457
Scientists sign letter calling for social restrictions to end on June 22. Apr 28, 2021 400
Scientists urged to play role in fighting disinformation campaigns about health. Apr 28, 2021 625
Scientists urged to play role in fighting disinformation campaigns about health. Apr 28, 2021 161
Scientists urged to play role in fighting disinformation campaigns about health. Apr 28, 2021 625
Scientists discover natural cyan blue. Apr 27, 2021 259
'General restrictions haven't delivered anything' Scientists tell government to scrap masks and distancing by June; Dr Roland Salmon is one of 22 leading scientists who signed a letter to the government calling for a different approach to coronavius. By, Lydia Stephens Apr 27, 2021 479
Simple new urine prostate test cuts need for high-risk op to detect cancer; British scientists have developed the revolutionary test which reduced the need for biopsies, which can have side effects and risks such as triggering a serious infection. By, Martin Bagot Apr 27, 2021 548
Scientists, doctors slam Hungarian government criticism of western vaccines. Reuters News Service Apr 27, 2021 458
Scientists urged to play role in fighting disinformation campaigns about health. Apr 27, 2021 626
HBKU-CSE scientists identify potential molecules in pursuit of COVID-19 drug. Apr 27, 2021 354
Pill that kills Covid-19 could be the key to avoiding future lockdowns, scientists say; If the pill is shown to be effective against the virus, it would be handed out on the NHS and taken within a few days of a positive test. By, Katie Dickinson Apr 26, 2021 305
Youth involvement in agri-business key to poverty alleviation - Scientist. Apr 26, 2021 492
Innovative modes of treatment can help control spread of Malaria in Pakistan: NUMS scientist. Apr 26, 2021 376
Scientists Generate Synthetic Mouse. Embryos Containing The Three Basic Cell Types. Apr 26, 2021 982
Scientists' calls to lift Covid restrictions 'wrong'. Apr 26, 2021 382
How scientist Anne McLaren's 'controversial' research changed the world for parents; Today Google Doodle is honouring the pioneering British scientist Anne McLaren, whose 'controversial' research changed the world for parents today. By, Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz Apr 26, 2021 590
Scientists who gave it up - and turned to gin; Ex-lab analysts launch own range including colour-changing drink. GEMMA JALEEL ECHO reporter @gemmajaleel Apr 25, 2021 610
The toad best-travelled: Scientists hope to find amphibians have been hopping far and wide to find love during Covid; Gene pools in ponds examined to reveal impact of lockdown on Scots wildlife. Krissy Storrar Apr 25, 2021 936
Covid pill 'may have potential to end repeat lockdowns', scientists say; EXCLUSIVE: If shown to work against SARS-CoV-2 -the virus which causes Covid-19 -then millions of doses will be handed out on the NHS and eventually a daily tablet could "kill" coronavirus if taken within a few days of a positive test. By, Martin Bagot Apr 25, 2021 887
Innovative modes of treatment can help control spread of Malaria in Pakistan: NUMS scientist. Apr 25, 2021 375
Innovative modes of treatment can help control spread of Malaria in Pakistan: NUMS scientist. Apr 25, 2021 375
Jan Alam, medical scientist claims to have covid-19 cure-Interview with Professor Dr. Jan Alam. Apr 25, 2021 1216
TBroughht youeby big weekend quiz; Aberdeen Science Centre is reopening next week, but how much do you know about what goes on there? Launch yourself into our fun test and find out... Apr 24, 2021 1171
Filipino scientist named as ASEAN-ROK 'Science, Technology and Innovation Pioneer'. Apr 23, 2021 333
Covid-19 transmission from humans to cats identified; Two cases have been documented by scientists at the University of Glasgow. By, Erin Santillo & Lucinda Cameron (PA) Apr 23, 2021 583
Scientists identify two cases where humans have infected cats with Covid-19; One of the cats had to be put down after experiencing difficulty breathing. By, Mark Smith Apr 23, 2021 595
Covid R rate rises to 0.8-1 in England but scientists say pandemic still shrinking; It comes as latest data shows more than 100 areas in England have seen a week-on-week rise in Covid cases after lockdown restrictions were eased. By, Dave Burke Apr 23, 2021 351
Agriculture scientist Dr. Zahoor Ahmad passes away. Apr 22, 2021 272
Scientist confirms Sipadan sharks' ulcers triggered by warm water spell. Apr 21, 2021 458
Scientists reconstruct solar system's architecture. Apr 21, 2021 219
Scientists find only 3 per cent of land areas unblemished by humans. Reuters News Service Apr 21, 2021 531
Scientists find 'highly divergent' mutated Covid strain needing 'urgent investigation'; Three cases of the new "highly divergent" variant were discovered in people who landed in Angola from the east African country of Tanzania in mid-February earlier this year, new research claims. By, Jonathan Coles Apr 21, 2021 577
The scientist's guide to stress busting; Long-term anxiety can trigger both physical and mental health issues - but neuroscience expert Ginny Smith believes having an understanding of our brain chemicals will help us cope. Apr 20, 2021 891
Jameel Fund supports Saudi scientists to combat COVID-19. Arab News Apr 20, 2021 456
Women scientists can apply for International Award for Women in Science-2022. Apr 20, 2021 349
Scientists crack The Brazil-Nut puzzle. Apr 20, 2021 223
Banks call on environmental scientists to grow green portfolios. Reuters News Service Apr 19, 2021 1276
All we know about new Indian Covid-19 strain and what it means for lockdown; Some scientists have said they're more concerned about this new strain than the Brazilian or South African variants -but does the evidence support their fears? By, Milo Boyd & Hannah Graham Apr 19, 2021 944
Suburban scientist still innovating at 98. Apr 18, 2021 1183
Suburban scientist still innovating at 98 Constable: Gruen worked on Manhattan Project. Apr 18, 2021 1183
Constable: From atomic bomb to solar power, Downers Grove scientist always innov. Burt Constable Apr 18, 2021 1198
Islanders and scientists hail pioneering no-catch zone after a huge recovery in coastal waters; NEWS SPECIAL Contested documentary warns of an ocean apocalypse as depleted seas recover in island's pioneering no-fishing zone. Megan McEachern Apr 18, 2021 871
Islanders and scientists hail pioneering no-catch zone after a huge recovery in coastal waters; Contested documentary warns of an ocean apocalypse as deplet depleted seas recover in island's pioneering no-fishing zone NEWS SPECIAL. Megan McEachern Apr 18, 2021 871
Coronavirus likely to keep mutating: Scientists. Arab News Apr 18, 2021 501
Scientists find only 3% of land areas unblemished by humans. Apr 17, 2021 519
COVID-19: Medical Lab Scientists Protest Exclusion In Hazard Allowances' Review. Apr 16, 2021 318
Scientists have made a part-human, part-monkey embryo; Many are concerned about the ethics of the experiment by a US-Chinese team. By, Cathy Owen Apr 16, 2021 440
First part-human, part-monkey embryo created by scientists amid ethics concerns; Researchers from the Salk Institute in California have produced monkey-human chimeras, with human stem cells -that have the ability to develop into many different cell types. By, Nilima Marshall & William Walker Apr 16, 2021 658
Covid restrictions may be needed 'until everyone gets vaccine', scientist warns; Prof John Edmunds said the 'safest way to do it' would be to keep the brakes on 'right until we're all vaccinated... including children'. By, Ben Glaze Apr 15, 2021 280
Coronavirus: Oxford University expands +mix and match' vaccine trial, South African variant in London concerns scientists over lockdown easing. Apr 15, 2021 390
Scientists could predict who will suffer 'long Covid'. Apr 15, 2021 481
COVID-19: Medical Lab Scientists Protest Exclusion In Review Of Hazard Allowances. Apr 15, 2021 387
10 Ugandan scientists who developed anti-tick vaccine. Apr 15, 2021 1127
Scientists Create Early Embryos That Are Part Human, Part Monkey. Apr 15, 2021 1128
Scientists discover Mars underwent an oxygenation event. Apr 14, 2021 178
Dyson to hire another 250 engineers, scientists in Singapore as part of global push for new tech products. Apr 14, 2021 452
Smacking your kids 'traumatises them in same way as severe abuse' scientists claim; A study by scientists at Harvard University in America found kids who were disciplined with corporal punishment were more likely to develop mental health issues, anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, and even substance abuse issues. By, Lottie Tiplady-Bishop Apr 14, 2021 512
Vaccines could be mandatory for care staff after half of homes don't meet threshold; Nearly half of all care homes with older adult residents, home to 150,000 vulnerable people, don't meet SAGE's recommended vaccination thresholds for care homes and staff, scientists have warned. By, Mikey Smith Apr 14, 2021 310
Scientists expand trial of alternating Covid-19 vaccines to include Moderna and Novavax; "This will potentially allow more people to complete their Covid-19 immunisation course more rapidly". By, Erin Santillo & Nina Massey (PA) Apr 14, 2021 375
Lockdown easing may have to be reversed says scientist advising Government; "A lot of we scientists are very concerned about what's happening at the moment.". By, Neil Shaw Apr 14, 2021 509
Mixing covid vaccines could boost immune response, animal research suggests; Combining doses of different coronavirus vaccines would give much better flexibility, say scientists. By, Max Channon Apr 14, 2021 572
QU fetes more than 50 distinguished scientists. Apr 12, 2021 442
During Covid lockdown, scientists have been turning their homes into laboratories - Professor Tom Mullin; Whether it be losses in the production process, rejection at inspection stages, or the over-consumption of raw materials, it is a fact that the production of goods produces waste. Tom Mullin Apr 12, 2021 617
COMSTECH to train researchers, scientists on establishing `Halal Products Testing Laboratories'. Apr 12, 2021 383
Scientists in China and Japan discovered gamma rays with record energy in the Milky Way. Apr 12, 2021 665
COMSTECH to train researchers, scientists on establishing 'Halal Products Testing Laboratories'. Apr 12, 2021 174
COVID-19 Exposed Nigerian Scientists' Talents a Buhari. Apr 12, 2021 450
Scientists Use Nanotechnology To Detect Bone-Healing Stem Cells. Apr 12, 2021 714
Scientists Figure Out How To Reverse Stress-Induced Hair Loss. Apr 12, 2021 1007
QU honours over 50 distinguished QU's scientists. Apr 11, 2021 424
England's Covid hotspots spark warning of virus resurgence as lockdown eases; Worried scientists say that parts of the country -including West Yorkshire and the Midlands -have high infection rates which could lead to a deadly third coronavirus wave. By, Dave Burke Apr 11, 2021 460
Scientists inspired to Trek the oceans. JAMIE HALL Apr 9, 2021 414
Holy Family Academy fourth-graders meet NASA scientist. Deb Atkins Holy Family Catholic Academy Apr 9, 2021 511
Sunbathing could reduce the risk of dying from Covid-19, new study finds; Scientists say sunbathing causes the skin to release a chemical that dampens inflammation and alleviates coronavirus symptoms. By, Mark Waghorn & William Walker Report Apr 9, 2021 422
All the Covid symptoms with lateral flow tests available for everyone in England today; As lateral flow tests become available to everyone today, scientists have warned people to still be aware of the symptoms of coronavirus -as well as the less common ones. By, Danya Bazaraa Apr 9, 2021 1160
COMSTECH to train researchers, scientists on establishing `Halal Products Testing Laboratories. Apr 9, 2021 385
Chief hygienist and scientists back the Slovak medicines agency. Apr 9, 2021 1134
COMSTECH to train researchers, scientists on establishing `Halal Products Testing Laboratories'. Apr 8, 2021 382
Scientists' study identifies tipping point of glacier. MIKE KELLY Reporter Apr 8, 2021 579
Single science exam to give learners common approach. Apr 8, 2021 806
UPDATE: Matt Hancock, scientists reassure public over AstraZeneca jab. Apr 8, 2021 360
No jab? No shopping; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: SHOCK A K AS UK OPENS UP AGAIN >> >>Fury at vaccine passport plan for non-essential retail >>>>Scientists warn 3rd wave could delay easing. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Apr 7, 2021 590
No jab? No shopping; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: SHOCK AS UK OPENS UP AGAIN Fury at vaccine passport plan for non-essential retail Scientists warn 3rd wave could delay easing. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Apr 7, 2021 590
No jab? No shopping; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: SHOCK AS ENGLAND OPENS UP Fury at vaccine passport plan for non-essential retail Scientists warn 3rd wave could delay easing. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Apr 7, 2021 585
Toenail infection pill could help treat Covid by blocking virus, new study suggests; The antifungal drug itraconazole -also known as Snoporax -was said to have killed the bug in experiments by a team of German and Finnish scientists. By, Mark Waghorn & William Walker Apr 7, 2021 379
Scientist warns AstraZenica jab investigation could affect vaccine rollout; Professor Adam Finn, who sits on the government's expert vaccine committee, said it was vital to keep the rollout going -but investigations into a link with incredibly rare blood clots "could potentially" affect the plan. By, Mikey Smith Apr 7, 2021 887
Scientists call for new probe into Covid origins: with or without China. Reuters News Service Apr 7, 2021 351
Boris Johnson vows to stick to lockdown roadmap despite scientists' warnings; Abolition of restrictions could 'lead to a larger surge of cases and deaths comparable to that seen during the first wave', say scientists. By, Max Channon & Patrick Daly, PA Apr 6, 2021 940
Optimism over third wave as UK continues on road map out of lockdown; It will "probably not be as high" as some modelling predicts, says scientist. By, Max Channon & Ella Pickover and Jane Kirby, PA Apr 6, 2021 714
Scientists invent home Covid-19 test using coffee machine capsules. Apr 6, 2021 913
MoST considers plan to register Pakistani scientists. Apr 5, 2021 300
MoST considers plan to register Pakistani scientists. Apr 5, 2021 300
University of California San Diego scientists collaborate with Global Cancer Technology and Barrow Neurological Institute on pre-clinical studies to commercialise new glioblastoma treatment. Clinical report Apr 5, 2021 185
University of California San Diego scientists collaborate with Global Cancer Technology and Barrow Neurological Institute on pre-clinical studies to commercialise new glioblastoma treatment. Clinical report Apr 5, 2021 186
Boris Johnson to address UK at 5pm with scientists -what he's expected to say; The PM will be joined by England's chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance. By, Mikey Smith Apr 5, 2021 978
Scientists Detect 55 New Environmental Chemicals in Humans: Risk Alerts. Apr 5, 2021 468
Coronavirus: Scientists taken aback by surge in numbers. George Psyllides Apr 3, 2021 345
Overseas holidays will have to wait until autumn, says Covid scientist; But Prof Robin Shattock says coronavirus will become 'much more of a fairly trivial infection'. By, Daniel Smith Apr 3, 2021 1346
Pakistan-China coopERATION in citrus industry untapped: scientists. Apr 2, 2021 821
Damage caused by China in West Philippine Sea could affect food security -- scientists. Apr 2, 2021 767
NZ Justice Dismissal of Polisario Claims, 'Another Victory for Morocco's Southern Provinces' - French Geopolitical Scientist. Apr 2, 2021 499
Scientists create synthetic cell that divides normally. Apr 2, 2021 160
Food scarcity is source of insecurity - Scientist. Apr 2, 2021 396
...Gov receives Izuchukwu winner of national scientists presidential award. Apr 1, 2021 193
New Science, Technology and Reinvention Laboratory Establishes Advanced High Performance Computing Lab: NAVFAC EXWC lab offers innovative collaboration platform for scientists and engineers. Apr 1, 2021 658
The Voyage: Rising, Evolution and Regeneration of Science; Humankind and Science/Yolculuk: Bilimin Dogusu, Gelisimi ve Yenilenmesi; Insanoglu ve Bilim. Ensari, Yakup; Arguden, Yelda Tarkan Apr 1, 2021 2277
For Women in Science International Awards Announced by L'Oreal, UNESCO. Apr 1, 2021 2318
The National Science Foundation: An Overview. Harris, Laurie A. Organization overview Apr 1, 2021 12208
Senate President Seeks Partnership between Nigerian Scientists and International Agencies for Local Production of COVID-19 Vaccine. Mar 31, 2021 747
COVID-19: Provide Nigerian Scientists Abroad With Resources To Develop Vaccine, Lawan Advises FG. Mar 31, 2021 758
Edinburgh to host TED climate summit ahead of Cop26; Politicians, scientists and business leaders will gather in Edinburgh later this year for a four-day TED summit to discuss solutions to climate change. Gary Flockhart Mar 31, 2021 307
Chinese scientist wants wider investigation by WHO into the COVID-19 origin. Mar 31, 2021 214
Chinese scientist wants wider investigation by WHO into the COVID-19 origin. Mar 31, 2021 213
Widespread facemask use is vital to counter COVID-19 as lockdown ends: Scientists. Daily News Egypt Mar 31, 2021 486
Scientists find blood-clot theory for AstraZeneca vaccine recipients. Arab News Mar 30, 2021 511
Pandemics, like disasters, need preparedness too -- scientist. Mar 30, 2021 343
No study has yet established transmissibility of COVID-19 variant first seen in PH - genome scientists. Mar 30, 2021 278
Conservationist empowers citizen scientists to save Philippine forests. Mar 30, 2021 248
Scientists use tadpoles to discover new genetic disease in children; "This will allow us to support our colleagues in providing more timely, accurate diagnosis". By, Erin Santillo & Ben Mitchell (PA) Mar 30, 2021 385
Scientists examine potential uses of diabetes drug in fight against Covid-19. Mar 30, 2021 555
Sri Lankan among scientists who developed portable test for antibodies. Mar 30, 2021 324
Azerbaijani scientist: No traces of Armenian history in Jabrayil. Mar 29, 2021 359
Computer scientist died after accidentally falling from cliffs. Mar 29, 2021 351
Scientists back ban on summer holidays abroad this year; "One of the biggest risks is of seeing the appearance of new variants and them coming back into the UK". By, Neil Shaw Mar 29, 2021 342
Marine scientist Onda is first Filipino to reach Earth's third deepest spot. Mar 28, 2021 802
Tirupati Graphite appoints world-leading graphene scientist to head up research centre. Mar 26, 2021 299
Filipino data scientist sees 1 million COVID-19 cases in PH by October if trend continues. Mar 26, 2021 391
A-maize-ing new way to package food; SCIENTISTS DEVELOP PRODUCT FROM CROPS. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Mar 25, 2021 564
Scientists closer to developing a new test for coeliac disease; The condition is currently diagnosed using a blood test, followed by a biopsy. By, Nina Massey & Victoria Jones Mar 25, 2021 524
Scientists studying AstraZeneca vaccine as a nasal spray. Michiel Willems Mar 25, 2021 258
Penises Are Shrinking Because Of Pollution, Warns Environmental Scientist. Mar 25, 2021 576
Human sperm count dwindling, penis shrinking at alarming rate, scientist warns. Mar 25, 2021 617

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