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Scientists of 74 countries call for ban on genetically engineered food.

An "Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)," first submitted by scientists of 56 countries to the World Trade Organization conference in Seattle in 1999, continues to circulate and gain new support. As of late September 2003, the letter had been signed by 653 scientists of 74 countries, includ ing geneticist David Suzuki (Canada), physicist and ecologist Vandana Shiva (India), geneticist Mae-Wan Ho (U.K.), and Harvard University biologist Ruth Hubbard (U.S.).

The letter expresses "extreme concern" about the hazards of GMOs to biodiversity, food safety, and human and animal health, and recommends a global moratorium on environmental releases of GMOs"in accordance with the precautionary principle." The letter is being circulated by the U.K.-based Institute of Science in Society (
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Title Annotation:Environmental Intelligence
Author:Ayres, Ed
Publication:World Watch
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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