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Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences have Discovered Anti-tumor Properties of Cannabis.

In vitro experiments prove a strong anti-tumor activity of cannabis extract, said Prof. Iva Ugrinova, Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her team started working on the national scientific program "Innovative Low-Toxic and Biologically Active Means for Precision Medicine" - BioActiveMed and can now deliver first results. They are impressive and we are very pleased, "commented Prof. Ugrinova.

Scientists have used cannabis-derived substance and treated 9 tumor cell lines - from the mammary gland, the lung and the uterine cervix. The natural substance shows a clearly toxic effect on cells commensurate with synthetic cytostatics. At a later stage, the molecular biologists team will conduct experiments to determine their specific effect and the mechanisms by which Cannabidiol kills cancer cells.

The team of researchers explicitly states that cannabidiol is bought by a foreign company because in Bulgaria the work with cannabis products is very restrictive. Scientists hope this limitation for scientific purposes is rethought because it hinders their work.

The term of the project and its financial framework would allow the development of appropriate nutritional supplements that would enhance the effect of conventional treatment, said Prof. Ugrinova, not hiding hope that someday they will reach clinical trials for a medicinal product.

The results presented today are just the beginning of many other similar research. Excerpts of ginkgo biloba, thyme, gentian, cattle, salvia, Bulgarian endemic Betonica bulgarica and lilac of rapana and helix snails are to be explored. All of them will be studied for an anti-tumor effect, but also their effect on infectious and neurodegenerative diseases.

Under the BioActiveMed program there are scientists from 7 institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and 5 universities.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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