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Scientists are r honoured r for excellence.

TWOW Cardiffr academics have a been honouredr by the UK's ' national academym of science.

Professor r Grahamr Hutchings, c director r of the Cardiffr Catalysis l Institute, was givei ntheRoyao la Society.'s ' Davya Medal for his discoveo ry of catalysisl of gold and for his contribution to the field of chemistry,r while Professor r Peter Wells has receivei dtheRoyao la Medal for interdisciplinarr y r sciences for his work in the field of engineering.

Profr Hutchings c said: "It is a greatr honour to receivei this recognition fromr the Royao l a Society for my work on gold catalysis.l It has been a great r pleasurer to me to havea helped change perceptions r about gold. It is not just a prettyr metal; it can be prettyr incrediblr yl useful too."

Profr Wells said: "ThisT isthe greatestr thrill in my scientific career.

"Interdisciplinarr yr researchr has been part of my career r fromr the very beginning. Throh ughout my career r Ihavea workedk with health professionals r in the National Health Servicer and with engineersr and physicists." h " Profr Colin Riordan,r Cardiffr Univei rsity's ' vice-chancellor c , r said: "I congrag tulate both individuals i on this outstanding achiec ve e ment. The Royao la Society medals arer testament to the excellence Professor r Hutchingsc and Professor r Wells havea achiec ve e d."
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 24, 2013
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