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Articles from Scientific Programming (July 31, 2020)

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A DE-LS Metaheuristic Algorithm for Hybrid Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem considering Multiple Requirements of Customers. Yingjia, Sun; Xin, Qi Report 8687
A Grey Target Group Decision Method with Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Information considering Decision-Maker's Loss Aversion. Zhou, Yufeng; Li, Yufeng; Li, Zhi Report 7198
A Neural Network Based Intelligent Support Model for Program Code Completion. Rahman, Mostafizer; Watanobe, Yutaka; Nakamura, Keita Report 11278
A Novel Linguistic Z-Number QUALIFLEX Method and Its Application to Large Group Emergency Decision Making. Ding, Xue-Feng; Zhu, Li-Xia; Lu, Mei-Shun; Wang, Qi; Feng, Yi-Qi Report 10790
A Statistical Tool to Generate Potential Future Climate Scenarios for Hydrology Applications. Collados-Lara, Antonio-Juan; Pulido-Velazquez, David; Pardo-Iguzquiza, Eulogio Report 6243
A Systematic Review of Healthcare Big Data. Raja, Rakesh; Mukherjee, Indrajit; Sarkar, Bikash Kanti Report 10946
Application of Big Data Fusion Based on Cloud Storage in Green Transportation: An Application of Healthcare. Hu, Li Qin; Yadav, Amit; Asif, Khan; Liu, Hong; Ul Haq, Amin Report 6117
Automatic NoSQL to Relational Database Transformation with Dynamic Schema Mapping. Aftab, Zain; Iqbal, Waheed; Almustafa, Khaled Mohamad; Bukhari, Faisal; Abdullah, Muhammad Report 7574
CenterFace: Joint Face Detection and Alignment Using Face as Point. Xu, Yuanyuan; Yan, Wan; Yang, Genke; Luo, Jiliang; Li, Tao; He, Jianan Report 4301
Conquering Gender Stereotype Threat in "Digit Sports": Effects of Gender Swapping on Female Players' Continuous Participation Intention in ESports. Hao, Lujie; Lv, Qinghua; Zhang, Xiaosan; Jiang, Qingquan; Liu, Songxian; Ping, Lin Report 5197
Cost-Benefit Models on Integrating Information Technology Services in Automotive Production Management. Bin, Hu; Jianlin, Lv; Kun, Yang Report 6811
Data Analytics in Mental Healthcare. Ul haq, Ayesha Kamran; Khattak, Amira; Jamil, Noreen; Naeem, M. Asif; Mirza, Farhaan Report 6734
Data-Driven Decision-Support System for Speaker Identification Using E-Vector System. He, Ma; Yi, Zuo; Tieshan, Li; Chen, C.L. Philip Report 5838
Deep Learning Structure for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification Based on Improved Cross Entropy and Weight. Fei, Rong; Yao, Quanzhu; Zhu, Yuanbo; Xu, Qingzheng; Li, Aimin; Wu, Haozheng; Bo; Hu Report 9494
Development of Multiobjective High-Level Synthesis for FPGAs. de Bulnes, Darian Reyes Fernandez; Maldonado, Yazmin; Trujillo, Leonardo Report 15677
Dynamic Capabilities and Business Model Innovation of Platform Enterprise: A Case Study of DiDi Taxi. Lin, Ping; Zhang, Xiaosan; Yan, Shuming; Jian, Qingquan Case study 9362
Flow Chart Generation-Based Source Code Similarity Detection Using Process Mining. Zhang, Feng; Li, Lulu; Liu, Cong; Zeng, Qingtian Report 8930
Heuristic Algorithms for MapReduce Scheduling Problem with Open-Map Task and Series-Reduce Tasks. Feifeng, Zheng; Zhaojie, Wang; Yinfeng, Xu; Ming, Liu Report 8109
Identifying Ethnics of People through Face Recognition: A Deep CNN Approach. AlBdairi, Ahmed Jawad A.; Xiao, Zhu; Alghaili, Mohammed Report 4353
Improved Efficiency of Object Code Verification Using Statically Abstracted Object Code. Shaukat, N.; Shuja, S.; Srinivasan, S.K.; Jabeen, S. Report 12542
Intelligent Differential Evolution Scheme for Network Resources in IoT. Quoc, Huu Dang; The, Loc Nguyen; Doan, Cuong Nguyen; Thanh, Toan Phan; Xiong, Neal N. Report 7571
Isomap-Based Three-Dimensional Operational Modal Analysis. Cheng, Wang; Weihua, Fu; Haiyang, Huang; Chen, Jianwei Report 7133
MCAF: Developing an Annotation-Based Offloading Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing. Zhou, Yilian; He, Ligang; Wang, Bin; Su, Yi; Chen, Hao Report 5889
Methodological Guidelines for the Design and Integration of Software Learning Objects for Scientific Programming Education. Dolgopolovas, Vladimiras; Dagiene, Valentina; Jevsikova, Tatjana Report 10357
Parameter Identification of Multistage Fracturing Horizontal Well Based on PSO-RBF Neural Network. Yin, Rongwang; Li, Qingyu; Li, Peichao; Lu, Detang Report 6167
Place Retrieval in Knowledge Graph. Xin, Shan; Jingyi, Qiu; Bo, Wang; Yongcheng, Dang; Tingxiang, Lu; Yiming, Zheng Report 5429
QuPiD Attack: Machine Learning-Based Privacy Quantification Mechanism for PIR Protocols in Health-Related Web Search. Khan, Rafiullah; Ahmad, Arshad; Alsayed, Alhuseen Omar; Binsawad, Muhammad; Islam, Arshad; Ullah, Mo Report 6801
SAT: A Software for Assessing the Risk of Desertification in Spain. Martinez-Valderrama, Jaime; Ibanez, Javier; Alcala, Francisco J.; Martinez, Silvio Report 7925
SubRF_Seq: Identification of Sub-Golgi Protein Types with Random Forest with Partial Sequence Information. Cui, Qingyu; Cao, Yi; Bao, Wenzheng; Yang, Bin; Chen, Yuehui Report 5042
Use Chou's 5-Step Rule to Classify Protein Modification Sites with Neural Network. Chuandong, Song; Bin, Yang Report 4393

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