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Articles from Scientific Programming (August 31, 2020)

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A Bandwidth Statistical Multiplexing and Control Method for Satellite Broadcasting. Wang, Yingqiang; Nian, Zhaohua; Liu, Chang; Han, Wei; Lin, Maowei Report 5563
A Cluster and Process Collaboration-Aware Method to Achieve Service Substitution in Cloud Service Processes. Hu, Qiang; Shen, Jiaji Report 8304
A Decoupling and Bidirectional Resampling Method for Multilabel Classification of Imbalanced Data with Label Concurrence. Zhou, Shuyue; Li, Xiaobo; Dong, Yihong; Xu, Hao Report 6719
A Tool-Based Perspective on Software Code Maintainability Metrics: A Systematic Literature Review. Ardito, Luca; Coppola, Riccardo; Barbato, Luca; Verga, Diego Report 18330
ACT-SVM: Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions Based on Support Vector Basis Model. Ma, Wenzheng; Cao, Yi; Bao, Wenzheng; Yang, Bin; Chen, Yuehui Report 5564
Adaptive CU Split Decision Based on Deep Learning and Multifeature Fusion for H.266/VVC. Zhao, Jinchao; Wang, Yihan; Zhang, Qiuwen Report 7490
Analysis of the Impact of Interest Rate Liberalization on Financial Services Management in Chinese Commercial Banks. Meng, Tian; Sun, Mengnan; Zhao, Yixuan; Zhu, Bo Report 8460
Comparing Maintainability Index, SIG Method, and SQALE for Technical Debt Identification. Strecansky, Peter; Chren, Stanislav; Rossi, Bruno Report 10166
Deep RetinaNet for Dynamic Left Ventricle Detection in Multiview Echocardiography Classification. Yang, Meijun; Xiao, Xiaoyan; Liu, Zhi; Sun, Longkun; Guo, Wei; Cui, Lizhen; Sun, Dianmin; Zhang, Pen Report 3934
Evolutionary Game Models on Multiagent Collaborative Mechanism in Responsible Innovation. Yang, Kun; Wang, Wan; Hu, Bin Report 8497
FaceFilter: Face Identification with Deep Learning and Filter Algorithm. Alghaili, Mohammed; Li, Zhiyong; Ali, Hamdi A.R. Report 5204
How to Construct a Power Knowledge Graph with Dispatching Data? Fan, Shixiong; Liu, Xingwei; Chen, Ying; Liao, Zhifang; Zhao, Yiqi; Luo, Huimin; Fan, Haiwei Report 6048
How to Evaluate the Productivity of Software Ecosystem: A Case Study in GitHub. Liao, Zhifang; Qi, Xiaofei; Zhang, Yan; Fan, Xiaoping; Zhou, Yun Case study 8982
Impact Factors on Posterior Modified Transfacet Debridement for Thoracic Spinal Tuberculosis Basing on Regression and Classification Analysis. Chen, Xiaoping; Lin, Jiamin; Huang, Han; Huang, Yunpeng Report 3181
Integrated Pricing and Distribution Planning for Community Group Purchase of Fresh Agricultural Products. Shui, Wenbing; Li, Mengxia Report 8487
Internet Penetration and Regional Financial Development in China: Empirical Evidence Based on Chinese Provincial Panel Data. Jiang, Qingquan; Zhang, Xiaosan; Lin, Qiaozhen; Chen, Guofu; Zhang, Rui; Liu, Songxian Report 11450
Massively Parallel CFD Simulation Software: CCFD Development and Optimization Based on Sunway TaihuLight. Liu, Xiazhen; Lu, Zhonghua; Yuan, Wu; Ma, Wenpeng; Zhang, Jian Report 7663
Modified Decision Tree Technique for Ransomware Detection at Runtime through API Calls. Ullah, Faizan; Javaid, Qaisar; Salam, Abdu; Ahmad, Masood; Sarwar, Nadeem; Shah, Dilawar; Abrar, Muh Report 6068
Multiswarm Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization with Simulated Annealing for Extracting Multiple Tests. Bui, Toan; Nguyen, Tram; Huynh, Huy M.; Vo, Bay; Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei; Hong, Tzung-Pei Report 10010
Mushroom Toxicity Recognition Based on Multigrained Cascade Forest. Wang, Yingying; Du, Jixiang; Zhang, Hongbo; Yang, Xiuhong Report 7325
Optimal Utilization of Light Energy in Semiclosed Greenhouse Using Three-Dimensional Cucumber Model. Qian, Tingting; Zheng, Xiuguo; Yang, Juan; Xu, Yeying; Wang, Yan; Zhou, Qiang; Lu, Shenglian; Ding, Report 6580
Perceptual Characteristics of Chinese Speech Intelligibility in Noise Environment. Song, Hui; Zhang, Siyu Report 4858
Study on Coordination and Optimization of Contract Farming Supply Chain Based on Uncertain Conditions. Liu, Xinquan; Shen, Xiaojing; You, Ming Report 5141
The Model of the Relationship between Urban Rail Transit and Residential Location. Zhang, Lin Report 12376
Towards a Complete Set of Gym Exercises Detection Using Smartphone Sensors. Khan, Usman Ali; Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed; Din, Ahmad; Jadoon, Waqas; Jadoon, Rab Nawaz; Khan, Muhammad Report 8637
Trusted and Efficient Cross-Domain Access Control System Based on Blockchain. Sun, Shuang; Chen, Shudong; Du, Rong Report 6574
Using Natural Language Preprocessing Architecture (NLPA) for Big Data Text Sources. Novo-Loures, Maria; Pavon, Reyes; Laza, Rosalia; Ruano-Ordas, David; Mendez, Jose R. Report 9537

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