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Articles from Scientia Magna (June 1, 2008)

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Title Author Type Words
[N.sub.0]-spaces and mssc-images of relatively compact metric spaces. Van Dung, Nguyen Report 3954
A new critical method for twin primes. Li, Fanbei Report 1385
An equation related to the Smarandache function and its positive integer solutions. Xiong, Wenjing Report 1298
An identity involving Norlund numbers and Stirling numbers of the first kind. Luo, Hui; Liu, Guodong Report 888
Congruences on Cliford quasi-regular semigroups. Ren, Xueming; Wang, Xu Dong Report 3792
Eigenvalue problems and inverse problems on SC matrices. Yan, Lieya; Chen, Minggang Report 2638
On Frenet apparatus of partially null curves in semi-euclidean space. Yilmaz, Suha; Turgut, Melih Report 1827
On right C-rpp semigroups. Zhou, Huaiyu Report 2746
On some Smarandache determinant sequences. Majumdar, A.A.K. Report 1575
On the additive k-power complements. Guo, Yanchun Report 888
On the pseudo Smarandache square-free function. Bin, Cheng Report 1254
On the Smarandache function and the Fermat number. Wang, Jinrui Report 1632
On the Smarandache multiplicative sequence. Li, Ling Report 1016
On the solvability of an equation involving the Smarandache function and Euler function. Duan, Weiguo; Xue, Yanrong Report 1374
On two conjectures by K. Kashihara on prime numbers. Sandor, Jozsef Report 791
Properties of bi [gamma]-operations on topological spaces. Ahmad, B.; Noiri, T.; Hussain, S. Report 4424
Sequences of numbers in generalized arithmetic and geometric progressions. Majumdar, A.A.K. Report 3485
Some notes on the paper "The mean value of a new arithmetical function". Zhang, Jin; Zhang, Pei Report 717
Some properties of the lattice cubic. Majumdar, A.A.K. Report 3434
The generalization of sequence of numbers with alternate common differences. Zhang, Xiong; Zhang, Yilin; Jianjie, Ding Report 1292
The generalized Hermitian Procrustes problem and its approximation. Liang, Maolin; He, Wansheng; Dai, Lifang Report 1782
The study of [sigma]--index on Q([S.sub.k], [C.sub.s1], [C.sub.s2], ..., []) graphs. Ren, Shengzhang; He, Wansheng Report 2449
Two problems related to the Smarandache function. Zhang, Wenpeng; Li, Ling Report 1341

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