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Articles from Scientia Magna (December 1, 2008)

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A note on a theorem of Calderon. Lv, Meimei; Zhang, Lulu; Zhai, Wenguang Report 1404
A note on the near pseudo Smarandache function. Majumdar, A.A.K. Report 2576
An equation involving the Smarandache function and its positive integer solutions. Zhu, Minhui Report 1286
Approximation in Hilbert algebras. Saeid, A. Borumand; Havenshki, M. Report 5641
Monotonicity properties for the gamma and psi functions. Li, Xiao Report 2004
On fuzzy number valued Choquet integral. Veluchamy, T.; Sivakkumar, P.S. Report 1548
On the divisor function and the number of finite abelian groups. Lu, Meimei; Zhangand, Lulu; Zhai, Wenguang Report 1032
On the mean value of [a.sup.2](n). Zhang, Lulu; Lu, Meimei; Zhai, Wenguang Report 1076
On the Pseudo-Smarandache-Squarefree function and Smarandache function. Fan, Xuhui Report 1222
On the Smarandache 3n-digital sequence and the Zhang Wenpeng's conjecture. Wu, Nan Report 1415
On the Smarandache ceil function and the Dirichlet divisor function. Zhang, Lulu; Lu, Meimei; Zhai, Wenguang Report 1064
On the Smarandache kn-digital subsequence. Zhang, Cuncao; Liu, Yanyan Report 1056
On the Smarandache prime-digital subsequence sequences. Shang, Songye; Su, Juanli Report 768
On the Smarandache sequences. Yang, Yanting Report 1000
On v--[T.sub.i]--, v--[R.sub.i]--and v--[C.sub.i]--axioms. Balasubramanian, S.; Sandhya, C.; Swathi Vyjayanthi, P. Aruna Report 10264
Research on the scheduling decision in fuzzy multi-resource emergency systems. Wang, Shasha; Bai, Li; Gao, Shuping; Shao, Zejun Report 2514
Resolvent dynamical systems for set-valued quasi variational inclusions in Banach spaces. Chen, Baoan; Shi, Chaofeng Report 2977
The natural partial order on Semiabundant semigroups. Chen, Yizhi; Li, Yonghua; Yao, Huiling Report 6056
The quintic supported spline wavelets with numerical integration. Gao, Zhougshe; He, Wansheng; Xia, Hongming; Liu, Chunming Report 969
The Smarandache bisymmetric arithmetic determinant sequence. Majumdar, A.A.K. Report 1067
The study of [sigma]--index on [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] graphs. Ren, Shengzhang; He, Wansheng Report 1782

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