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Articles from Scientia Magna (June 1, 2005)

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Title Author Type Words
An equation concerning the Smarandache function (1). Maohua, Le 691
An equation involving the Euler function and Smarandache function. Yi, Yuan 1301
An equation involving the Smarandache ceil function. Ji, Yongqiang 950
An equation involving the Smarandache function. Ma, Jinping 802
An extension of ABC-theorem (1). Bayat, Morteza; Teimoori, Hossein; Hassani, Mehdi 3570
Consecutive, reversed, mirror, and symmetric Smarandache sequence of triangular numbers. Torres, Delfim F.M.; Teca, Viorica 1444
Inequalities for the polygamma functions with application (1). Chaoping, Chen 1475
On automorphism groups of maps, surfaces and Smarandache geometries (1). Linfan, Mao 7326
On completely f-perfect numbers. Sandor, Jozsef 2059
On finite Smarandache near-rings. Ramaraj, T.; Kannappa, N. 1453
On the asymptotic properties of odd sieve sequence. Yang, Hai; Fu, Ruiqin 1160
On the asymptotic property for Smarandache additive factorial complements. Yang, Mingshun; Yang, Qianli 675
On the mean value of Smarandache ceil function (1). Ding, Liping 916
On the number of Smarandache zero-divisors and Smarandache weak zero-divisors in loop rings. Vasantha, W.B.; Chetry, Moon K. 6034
On the primitive numbers of power P and its mean value properties (1). Ding, Liping 821
On the Smarandache pseudo-number sequences. Li, Zhanhu 715
On the square-free number sequence. Ren, Dongmei 898
Parallel bundles in planar map geometries. Linfan, Mao 6549
Recursive palindromic Smarandache values. Earls, Jason 555
Remarks on some of the Smarandache's problem. Part 2. Vassilev, Mladen V.; Atanassov, Missana; Atanassov, Krassimir T. 7521
Smarandache Bcc-algebras. Jun, Young Bar 2688
Smarandache groupoids. Kandasamy, W.B. Vasantha 2501
Smarandache idempotents in finite ring [Z.sub.n] and in group ring [Z.sub.n]G. Vasantha, W.B.; Chetry, Moon K. 3888
Smarandache idempotents in loop rings [Z.sub.t][L.sub.n](m) of the loops [L.sub.n](m). Vasantha, W.B.; Chetry, Moon K. 3179
Smarandache quasigroup rings. Muktibodh, Arun S. 1863
Some interesting properties of the Smarandache function. Kang, Xiaoyu 963
Some properties of the Pseudo-Smarandache function. Pinch, Richard 2795
The classical Smarandache function and a formula for twin primes. Mehendale, Dhananjay P. 665
The function equation S(n) = Z(n) (1). Maohua, Le 510
The Smarandache minimum and maximum functions. Sandor, Jozsef 1739
Two asymptotic formulae on the k + 1-power free numbers. Shen, Hong 869

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