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Science in the news quiz.

1. The opposite of El Nino, La Nina features

a. cooler-than-normal water in the Pacific Ocean.

b. warmer-than-normal water in the Pacific Ocean.

c. normal water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

d. weaker-than-normal winds in the Pacific Ocean.

2. La Nina brings

a. colder winter in Canada and the northern U.S.

b. warmer winter in the South.

c. more rain in the Pacific Northwest.

d. all of the above.

3. Later this month, John Glenn will board the space shuttle Discovery and be

a. the first American astronaut to orbit Earth.

b. the oldest human ever to travel to space.

c. the first Senator in space.

d. the youngest scientist to go to space.

4. In space, astronauts suffer from loss of bone and muscle mass.

a. true

b. false

5. Unlike other bat species, the vampire bat

a. can't fly at all.

b. falls from its perch then flaps its wings to fly.

c. can lift off and fly from the ground.

d. can fly only after it gets a drink of blood.

6. A new kind of spacecraft called Lightcraft

a. uses no fuel to blast off.

b. is propelled into space by laser light.

c. uses solar energy for fuel.

d. both a and b.

7. Up to about 90 percent of a conventional rocket's weight comes from fuel.

a. true

b. false

8. Archaeologists in Missouri uncovered shoes that were 800 to 8,000 years old from

a. a prehistoric shopping mall.

b. old graves.

c. an ancient garbage dump in a cave.

d. a sealed storage room in the University of Missouri.

9. Recently, scientists at the University of Hawaii cloned mice using

a. the same cloning technique used on Dolly the sheep.

b. an adult cell, called a cumulus cell.

c. electrical shocks.

d. none of the above.

10. The scientists also cloned the cloned mice. The clones of clones

a. had defective genes.

b. were as healthy as normal mice.

c. became super mice.

d. looked different from the original mouse.
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