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Science in the news quiz.

Directions: Read the late-breaking science news stories in our Science News section on pages 4 to 6. Then test your knowledge by answering the questions below. Circle the correct letter.

1. Afghan refugees are prone to infectious diseases because of

a. starvation and dehydration.

b. insufficient health services.

c. overcrowding.

d. all of the above.

2. The body's germ-fighting system:

a. circulatory

b. respiratory

c. immune

d. reproductive

3. One of the world's most devastating diseases:

a. chicken pox

b. malaria

c. scurvy

d. all of the above

4. Malaria is spread by

a. hand shakes.

b. sneezing.

c. unsanitary water.

d. mosquito bites.

5. Cholera is caused by a

a. virus.

b. bacterium.

c. eye infection.

d. skin cut.

6. Vaccines help the immune system fight diseases by stimulating

a. antibodies.

b. red-blood cell production.

c. brain waves.

d. muscle cells.

7. The estimated number of people worldwide who contract measles each year:

a. 15 million

b. 30 million

c. 45 million

d. 60 million

8. Antibacterial drugs are used to treat

a. measles.

b. cholera.

c. malaria.

d. tuberculosis.

9. One reason paleontologists believe Sarcosuchus imperator was a dino killer:

a. DNA evidence

b. dino fossils found in mouth

c. huge overbite

d. four stomachs, including a rumen

10. The Diggler's low-riding deck helps prevent wipeouts because it

a. increases friction.

b. has an auto-stop spring mechanism.

c. increases mass.

d. lowers a rider's center of gravity.

Take It Further

11. Research a disease caused by a parasite. Explain the life cycle of the parasite.

12. Search the news and Internet to learn about new vaccines in the works to fight disease. Report on the progress of one vaccine.


1.d 2. c 3. b 4. d 5. b 6. a 7. c 8. d 9. c 10. b
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Date:Jan 21, 2002
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