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Science fiction.

Aldebaran: The catastrophe. Leo, Cinebook, 2008. $19.95. 978-1-905460-57-1. Grades 7 and up. Cinebook consistently publishes excellent European comics in English--comics that push at the genre boundaries North America has come to expect. Aldebaran is no exception. This story of a young man whose alien world is becoming more alien every day pleases even experienced science fiction readers through a mix of adolescent protagonists with unstable alliances, a thoroughly imagined setting, and creepy monsters who thrive in daylight.

The stranded. Mike Carey and Siddharth Kotian. Virgin Comics, 2008. $14.99. 978-1-934413-25-8. Grades 9 and up. Five normal people are stunned to discover they have another, forgotten life that began in a different dimension where they were beings of great power. But now the beings that chased them to Earth have come hunting and their power is greaten

Y: The last man (Deluxe Edition), Book One. Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. DC Comics/Vertigo, 2008. $19.95. 978-1-4012-1921-5. Grades 9 and up. If you missed Y the first time around, DC's new line of deluxe editions--with sturdier binding--is your chance to start at the beginning of one of the biggest surprise hits of the last decade. This story of the only males to survive a mysterious plague that left women untouched is in turns controversial, startling, hysterically funny, and quietly moving. The chapters are immaculately paced, and the artist's soft faces make it impossible to predict who will be the betrayer and who is willing to sacrifice everything for the memory--or possibility--of devotion.

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Author:Sanders, Joe Sutliff
Publication:Teacher Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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