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Science and math teaching.

RESEARCH AND SCIENCE. Eugene de Silva and Jonathan Wallace *, Walters Stale Community College, Morristown, Tennessee, and Rogersvillle Middle School. Hawkins County. Tennessee. The importance of including research projects in science teaching is discussed in this presentation. Previous findings related to the objectives of students following science courses, mainly chemistry and physics, are highlighted during this presentation as the basis and the reason to support the introduction of research in classroom teaching. E. de Silva's published work on successful introduction of research in physics and chemistry classes arc presented here with further analysis of ways to include research in science teaching in order to introduce changes to traditional teaching methods. The presentation also includes a suggested analysis of the syllabus and ways to combine it with research components to cover different assessment methods in the classroom.

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Title Annotation:ORAL PRESENTATIONS; use of research projects in science teaching
Publication:Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Sep 1, 2011
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