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Publications in Military and naval science

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Air & Space Power Journal Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2018
Air & Space Power Journal - Africa and Francophonie Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2018
Air Force Journal of Logistics Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2011
Air Force Law Review Professional Magazine/Journal Aug 23, 2017
Air Force Speeches Trade Magazine/Journal Aug 24, 2017
Air Power History Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 20, 2018
Airman Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2018
All Hands General Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2011
APS Diplomat Strategic Balance in the Middle East General Newsletter May 28, 2018
Armada International Trade Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2017
Armed Forces Comptroller Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2018
Army Communicator Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2016
Army Lawyer Professional Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2015
Army Logistician Trade Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2009
Army Sustainment Trade Magazine/Journal May 1, 2018
  • An Environmental Assessment for Maintenance Support Device Version 4: Three units conducted an environmental assessment and collected important data...
  • Help Is Here: How to Change Equipment Authorizations: Leaders who recognize problems with their equipment authorizations can implement changes to...
  • The Simulation Training Center: Contributing to Army Readiness: A collection of organizations located in the Simulation Training Center at Fort Lee...
  • Support Rehearsals Are Critical for Maneuver Commanders: To understand logistics capabilities and plans, maneuver commanders and their staffs need to...
  • A CRISIS Exists: An Easy Mnemonic to Remember the Sustainment Principles.
  • Managing Money as a Commodity: With help from financial management support operations representatives, expeditionary sustainment commands manage...
  • Posturing Sustainment Forces for Rotations in Europe: By injecting four logistics considerations into the predeployment planning process, the 32nd...
  • USAREUR Supports Soldiers Through ACSA Orders: U.S. Army Europe used acquisition and cross-servicing agreement orders during Atlantic Resolve to...
  • Armies That Sustain Themselves Will Win: An Interview With Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel Dailey: The Army's senior enlisted Soldier discusses vital...
  • Multinational Sustainment Is Essential to the Next Fight: The Multi-Domain Battle environment requires the Army to operate as part of joint,...
  • Mission Command in a DSCA Event: The 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command deployed as the sustainment headquarters for defense support of civil...
  • CSSBs Must Prepare for Expeditionary Sustainment: Combat sustainment support battalions must integrate subordinate units and follow a deliberate...
  • The Right Questions for Sustainers to Ask and Answer on toe Battlefield: By answering the right questions, sustainers can provide maneuver forces...
  • Forgotten Basics That Enable Decisive Action: To support decisive action battles, logisticians will need to mitigate risk at the operational level by...
  • On the Road to Awesome: An Interview With Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey: The chief of the Army Reserve discusses some factors the Army should consider in...
  • Sustainment at the Forefront in the Future: An Interview with Retired gen. Jhon Campbell: The 34th vice chief of staff of the Army discusses his...
  • Ready Now: An Interview With Gem Robert B. "Abe" Abrams: FORSCOM's commanding general discusses how the Army is raising its game by improving...
  • The Logistics Branch Needs More Company-grade KD Assignments: Offering company-grade logistics officers more opportunities to fulfill key...
  • What FM 3-0 Means for Expeditionary Battlefield Sustainment: Multi-Domain Battle will require sustainers to support independent operations over long...
  • Logistics Innovations and Getting the Basics Right: The Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, has been making strides to enhance materiel readiness and ensure...
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    Canadian Defence Review General Magazine/Journal Feb 1, 2018
    Citizen Airman Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2018
    CML Army Chemical Review General Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2017
    Combat Edge General Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2018
    CTC Sentinel General Magazine/Journal May 1, 2018
    Defense A R Journal General Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2017
    Defense AT & L General Magazine/Journal May 1, 2018
    Defense Transportation Journal Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2018
    Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2017
    Esprit de Corps General Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2018
    FLASH Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2014
    Infantry Magazine Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2017
    Institute for Strategic Studies General Collection Jun 1, 2009
    Joint Force Quarterly General Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2018
    Journal of Defense Resources Management Academic Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2017
    Journal of the Australian War Memorial Academic Magazine/Journal Feb 1, 2007
    Maxwell Papers Professional Magazine/Journal Oct 13, 2012
    Mech General Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2014
    Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2018
    Military Police Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2018
    Naval Aviation News Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2018
  • Squadron Spotlight.
  • Shadow Over the Atlantic, the Luftwaffe and the U-Boats: 1943-45.
  • MiG-21 Aces of the Vietnam War, By Istvan Toperczer Osprey Publishing, Ltd. 2017.
  • Point Mugu Sailors Showcase Successes for NAE Leaders: Naval Aviation leaders joined forces at Naval Base Ventura County, California, March 7 with...
  • Additive Manufacturing: Nanotubes Strengthen Composite Metals: Researchers Bring Innovative Solutions to Additive Manufacturing at NAWCAD Lakehurst:...
  • FRCSE Doubles Down on 3-D Printing.
  • New Machine Cuts Metal with Laser Focus: It's not quite a lightsaber, but a new laser cutting machine is turning FRCSE's sheet metal mechanics into...
  • FRCSE Primary Source for T-6 Texan II Repair: In a few years, every Navy and Marine Corps pilot to earn their wings will have flown an aircraft...
  • Net Gain.
  • New Atlantic lest Ranges Facility Expands Flight Test Capacity.
  • NIGHT VISION: How Maj. Robert Guyette Won 2018 Test Pilot of the Year.
  • Tackling Naval Aviation's #1 Safety Priority: PHYSIOLOGICAL EPISODES.
  • Navy Considering Proposal for 17 Presidential Helicopters.
  • Navy to Field New Unmanned, Weapons Systems: Several program managers under Program Executive Office for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons...
  • Naval Aviation Depots Improving Aircraft Production.
  • Budget Increase Means More Aircraft, Better Systems for Naval Aviators.
  • Nimitz Sailors Maintain Support Equipment to Aid in Successful Deployments.
  • First Woman Blue Angels Pilot Shares 'Keys to Success'.
  • 'Fighting Tigers' Rescue Fishermen Lost for Eight Days in South Pacific.
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    Naval War College Review General Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2018
    Navy Supply Corps Newsletter General Newsletter Mar 1, 2018
    Parameters Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2017
    PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly Trade Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2014
    Sabretache Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2006
    Sea&Shore General Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2010
    Soldiers Magazine Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2012
    Strategic Assessment Professional Report Jan 1, 1999
    Strategic Forum Professional Magazine/Journal May 1, 2014
    Strategic Review for Southern Africa Academic Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2017
    The Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography General Encyclopedia Jan 1, 1992
    Translog Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2010
    U.S. Department of Defense Speeches Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 7, 2018
    VFW Magazine General Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2004
    Walker Papers Professional Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2011
    Wright Papers Professional Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2017

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