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Articles from Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations (January 1, 2018)

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A Conceptual Approach to Eliminate Bypass Release of Fission Products by In-Containment Relief Valve under SGTR Accident. Kim, Taeseok; Choi, Wonjun; Jeon, Joongoo; Kim, Nam Kyung; Jung, Hoichul; Kim, Sung Joong 6487
A Design of Parameters with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycle for CiADS. He, Yichuan; Dong, Aihua; Xie, Min; Liu, Yang 4977
A New Accurate Numerical Method Based on Shifted Chebyshev Series for Nuclear Reactor Dynamical Systems. Hamada, Yasser Mohamed 9190
A Novel Nonlinear BWR Stability Indicator Based on the Sample Entropy. Olvera-Guerrero, Omar Alejandro; Prieto-Guerrero, Alfonso; Espinosa-Paredes, Gilberto 6799
Analysis of Control Rod Drop Accidents for the Canadian SCWR Using Coupled 3-Dimensional Neutron Kinetics and Thermal Hydraulics. Salaun, Frederic; Novog, David R. 8605
Analysis of Loss of Essential Power System Reported in Nuclear Power Plants. Volkanovski, Andrija; Veira, Miguel Peinador Report 7050
Analysis of Spatial Discretization Error Estimators Implemented in ARES Transport Code for [S.sub.N] Equations. Zhang, Liang; Zhang, Bin; Liu, Cong; Chen, Yixue 5128
Analysis of Steam Explosion under Conditions of Partially Flooded Cavity and Submerged Reactor Vessel. Kim, Sang Ho; Hong, Seong-Wan; Park, Rae-Joon 6895
Assessment of Adequate Margin to Liquefaction for Nuclear Power Plants. Katona, Tamas Janos 5517
Assessment of Neutronic Characteristics of Accident-Tolerant Fuel and Claddings for CANDU Reactors. Younan, Simon; Novog, David 13337
ASTEC-MAAP Comparison of a 2 Inch Cold Leg LOCA until RPV Failure. de la Rosa Blulfe, J.C.; Brumm, S.; Mascari, F.; Lee, S.J.; Carenini, L. 13234
Benefits of Seismic Isolation for Nuclear Structures Subjected to Severe Earthquake. Frano, Rosa Lo 5333
Bulk Handling Facility Modeling and Simulation for Safeguards Analysis. Cipiti, Benjamin B.; Shoman, Nathan 2938
Calibration of the Absolute Efficiency of Well-Type NaI(Tl) Scintillation Detector in 0.121-1.408 MeV Energy Range. Al Oraini, Dalal 2548
CFD Analysis of the Passive Decay Heat Removal System of an LBE-Cooled Fast Reactor. Mao, Jiarun; Song, Lei; Liu, Yuhao; Lin, Jiming; Huang, Shanfang; Zou, Yaolei 5852
Comparative Analysis of the Dalat Nuclear Research Reactor with HEU Fuel Using SRAC and MCNP5. Phan, Giang; Tran, Hoai-Nam; Nguyen, Kien-Cuong; Tran, Viet-Phu; Hoang, Van-Khanh; Ha, Pham Nhu Viet 4604
Condition Monitoring of Sensors in a NPP Using Optimized PCA. Li, Wei; Peng, Minjun; Liu, Yongkuo; Cheng, Shouyu; Jiang, Nan; Wang, Hang 8213
Design of the Online Gross y Monitoring Instrument at the Exit of the Helium Purification System in HTR-PM. Lou, Mengqi; Zhang, Liguo; Xie, Feng; Cao, Jianzhu; Tong, Jiejuan; Liu, Weirong; Wang, Yong 7427
Design Optimization of HANARO Irradiation Capsule for Long-Term Irradiation Testing. Choo, Kee Nam; Cho, Man Soon; Yang, Seong Woo; Jun, Byung Hyuk; Kim, Myong Seop 3789
Determination of an Effective Detector Position for Pulsed-Neutron-Source Alpha Measurement by Time-Dependent Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Simulations. Jang, Sang Hoon; Shim, Hyung Jin 3444
Development and Verification of a Transient Analysis Tool for Reactor System Using Supercritical C[O.sub.2] Brayton Cycle as Power Conversion System. Wu, Pan; Gao, Chuntian; Shan, Jianqiang 9311
Development of a Coupled Code for Steady-State Analysis of the Graphite-Moderated Channel Type Molten Salt Reactor. He, Long; Yu, Cheng-Gang; Guo, Wei; Dai, Ye; Wang, Hai-Ling; Cai, Xiang-Zhou 6147
Effect of Molten Corium Behavior Uncertainty on the Severe Accident Progress. Choi, Wonjun; Kim, Taeseok; Jeon, Joongoo; Kim, Nam Kyung; Kim, Sung Joong 4411
Effect of Subcooling on Pool Boiling of Water from Sintered Copper Microporous Coating at Different Orientations. Jun, Seongchul; Kim, Jinsub; You, Seung M.; Kim, Hwan Yeol 5733
Effects of Diameters on Countercurrent Flow Limitation at a Square Top End in Vertical Pipes. Murase, Michio; Nishida, Koji; Torige, Toshihide; Takaki, Toshiya; Goda, Raito; Tomiyama, Akio 6006
Evaluation of Antimony Tri-Iodide Crystals for Radiation Detectors. Onodera, Toshiyuki; Baba, Koei; Hitomi, Keitaro 3118
Experimental and Numerical Studies on Sloshing Dynamics of PCS Water Tank of Nuclear Island Building. Li, Xiaojun; Song, Chenning; Zhou, Guoliang; Wei, Chao; Lu, Ming 5497
In-Vessel and Ex-Vessel Corium Stabilization in Light Water Reactor. Kim, Hwan Yeol; Bechta, Sevostian; Foit, Jerzy; Hong, Seong Wan 1733
Innovative Design of Replacement Device for Vulnerable Parts in the Nuclear Radiation Environment. Li, Qin; Zhao, Wu; Zheng, Lan-jiang; Chen, Ling; Zhang, Kai; Guo, Xin 5381
Large Scale Experiments Representing a Containment Natural Circulation Loop during an Accident Scenario. Kapulla, R.; Mignot, G.; Paranjape, S.; Andreani, M.; Paladino, D. 6481
Local Void Fractions and Bubble Velocity in Vertical Air-Water Two-Phase Flows Measured by Needle-Contact Capacitance Probe. Huang, Shanfang; Wu, Xiangxiang; Zong, Benyang; Ma, Yugao; Guo, Xiaoyu; Wang, Dong 5796
Modelling of Severe Accident and In-Vessel Melt Retention Possibilities in BWR Type Reactor. Valincius, Mindaugas; Kaliatka, Tadas; Kaliatka, Algirdas; Uspuras, Eugenijus 7531
Moisture Transfer Model and Simulation for Dehumidification of HTGR Core. Li, Jun; Zhang, Zhenzhong; Meng, Yingchao; Yin, Huaqiang; Ma, Shengchao; He, Xuedong; Yang, Xingtuan 4997
Multiphysical Simulations for the IAEA/ISCP Benchmark Model on the Contact of Pressure Tube and Calandria Tube in the Moderator System of CANDU-6 PHWR. Kim, Hyoung Tae; Chang, Se-Myong; Son, Young Woo; Min, Taegee 4060
Numerical Simulation of a No-Insulation BSCCO Toroidal Magnet Applied in Magnetic Confinement Fusion. Zhang, Yi; Tang, Yuejin; Xu, Ying; Xia, Zhong; Ren, Li 5893
Numerical Simulation of Decontamination of Airborne Fission Products during In-Vessel Release Phase by Containment Spray. Mehboob, Khurram 9960
On the One-Dimensional Modeling of Vertical Upward Bubbly Flow. Pena-Monferrer, C.; Gomez-Zarzuela, C.; Chiva, S.; Miro, R.; Verdu, G.; Munoz-Cobo, J.L. 5548
Preliminary Selection of Device Materials to Locally Transform Thermal into SFR Neutron Spectrum. Chrysanthopoulou, N.; Savva, P.; Varvayanni, M.; Colin, C.; Huot-Marchand, C.; Catsaros, N. 8091
Pressure Waves due to Rapid Evaporation of Water Droplet in Liquid Lead Coolant. Yakush, S.E.; Iskhakov, A.S.; Melikhov, V.I.; Melikhov, O.I. 5753
Process of Air Ingress during a Depressurization Accident of GTHTR300. Shiga, Tomoya; Tanaka, Yudai; Takada, Tetsuaki 7120
Properties of a Prototype Corium of Nuclear Reactor. Skakov, Mazhyn K.; Mukhamedov, Nurzhan Ye; Deryavko, Ilya I.; Batyrbekov, Erlan G. 3735
RELAP5/MOD3.3 Analysis of the Loss of External Power Event with Safety Injection Actuation. Prosek, Andrej; Matkovic, Marko 4989
Research of PWR Pressurizer Insurge Characteristics on Three-Dimensional Transient Modeling. Liu, Jianquan; Zhang, Jiguo; Shi, Jingda; Li, Dong 6468
ROSA/LSTF Tests and Posttest Analyses by RELAP5 Code for Accident Management Measures during PWR Station Blackout Transient with Loss of Primary Coolant and Gas Inflow. Takeda, Takeshi; Ohtsu, Iwao 8232
Simulation of Turbulent Wake at Mixing of Two Confined Horizontal Flows. Krpan, Rok; Koncar, Bostjan 5264
Strategy Evaluation for Cavity Flooding during an ESBO Initiated Severe Accident. Jiang, Nan; Peng, Minjun; Wei, Wei; Cong, Tenglong 7092
Study of Fast Transient Pressure Drop in VVER-1000 Nuclear Reactor Using Acoustic Phenomenon. Sangestani, Soroush Heidari; Rahgoshay, Mohammad; Vosoughi, Naser; Allaf, Mitra Athari 6774
Study on the Comprehensive Properties and Microstructures of A3-3 Matrix Graphite Related to the High Temperature Purification Treatment. Zhou, Xiangwen; Lu, Zhenming; Zhang, Jie; Song, Jing; Liu, Bing; Tang, Yaping; Tang, Chunhe 6388
Temperature Profile Measurement in Simulated Fuel Assembly Structure with Wire-Mesh Technology. Takiguchi, Hiroki; Furuya, Masahiro; Arai, Takahiro 4364
The Feasibility Study for Multigeometries Identification of Uranium Components Using PCA-LSSVM Based on Correlation Measurements. Zhou, Mi; Feng, Peng; Liu, Yixin; Wei, Biao Report 3390
The R&D of HTR-STAC Program Package: Source Term Analysis Codes for Pebble-Bed High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor. Chen, Hongyu; Li, Chuan; Xing, Haoyu; Fang, Chao 5536
Theoretical Solutions for Dynamic Characteristics of Liquid Annular Seals with Herringbone Grooves on the Stator Based on Bulk-Flow Theory. Zhai, Lulu; Chi, Zhonghuang; Guo, Jia; Zhang, Zhenjie; Zhu, Zuchao 5651
Uniformity Assessment of TRISO Fuel Particle Distribution in Spherical HTGR Fuel Element Using Voronoi Tessellation and Delaunay Triangulation. Zhu, Libing; Xiang, Xincheng; Du, Yi; Yu, Gongyi; Li, Ziqiang; Peng, Yahui; Wang, Xiangang 2342
Validation of the COTENP Code: A Steady-State Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis Code for Nuclear Reactors with Plate Type Fuel Assemblies. Castellanos-Gonzalez, Duvan A.; Moreira, Joao Manoel Losada; Maiorino, Jose Rubens; Carajilescov, Pe 9216

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