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Articles from Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations (January 1, 2017)

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3D Nondestructive Visualization and Evaluation of TRISO Particles Distribution in HTGR Fuel Pebbles Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography. Yu, Gongyi; Du, Yi; Xiang, Xincheng; Liu, Yuan; Li, Ziqiang; Wang, Xiangang Report 2044
Adsorption Behaviors of Cobalt on the Graphite and SiC Surface: A First- Principles Study. Wang, Wenyi; Li, Chuan; Cao, Jianzhu; Fang, Chao Report 5109
Analyses of the TIARA 43 MeV Proton Benchmark Shielding Experiments Using the ARES Transport Code. Zhang, Bin; Zhang, Liang; Chen, Yixue Report 2944
Analysis of NEA-NSC PWR Uncontrolled Control Rod Withdrawal at Zero Power Benchmark Cases with NODAL3 Code. Sembiring, Tagor Malem; Pinem, Surian; Liem, Peng Hong Report 5758
Analysis of Precooling Injection Transient of Steam Generator for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor. Wang, Yan; Shi, Lei; Zheng, Yanhua Report 3766
Analysis of Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction for a Nuclear Power Plant (HTR-10). Wang, Xiaoxin; Zhou, Qin; Zhu, Kaixin; Shi, Li; Li, Xiaotian; Wang, Haitao Report 6090
Application of ASTEC, MELCOR, and MAAP Computer Codes for Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a PWR Containment Equipped with the PCFV and PAR Systems. Sadek, Sinisa; Grgic, Davor; Simic, Zdenko Report 9716
ARES: A Parallel Discrete Ordinates Transport Code for Radiation Shielding Applications and Reactor Physics Analysis. Chen, Yixue; Zhang, Bin; Zhang, Liang; Zheng, Junxiao; Zheng, Ying; Liu, Cong Report 6647
Assessment of RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD3.4 Prediction Capability with Severe Fuel Damage Scoping Test. Rattanadecho, Noppawan; Rassame, Somboon; Silva, Kampanart; Allison, Chris; Hohorst, Judith Report 5340
Assessment of the MARS Code Using the Two-Phase Natural Circulation Experiments at a Core Catcher Test Facility. Lee, Dong Hun; Choi, Su Ryong; Ha, Kwang Soon; Yoon, Han Young; Jeong, Jae Jun Report 5933
Calculation of Lead-Iron Double-Layer Thickness for Gamma-Ray Shielding by MATLAB Program. Lekchaum, Sarai; Locharoenrat, Kitsakorn Report 2369
CFD Analysis of a Decay Tank and a Siphon Breaker for an Innovative Integrated Passive Safety System for a Research Reactor. Lee, Kwon-Yeong; Yoon, Hyun-Gi; Park, Dong Kyou Report 5095
Challenge Analysis and Schemes Design for the CFD Simulation of PWR. Chen, Guangliang; Zhang, Zhijian; Tian, Zhaofei; Li, Lei; Dong, Xiaomeng Report 6932
Comprehensive Uncertainty Quantification in Nuclear Safeguards. Bonner, E.; Burr, T.; Krieger, T.; Martin, K.; Norman, C. Report 14370
Design and Development Framework of Safety-Critical Software in HTR-PM. Guo, Chao; Xiong, Huasheng; Huang, Xiaojin; Li, Duo Report 4640
Development and Application of a New High-Efficiency Sparse Linear System Solver in the Thermal-Hydraulic System Analysis Code. Ge, Li; Liu, Wei; Shan, Jianqiang Report 3806
Development and Application of the Power Plant Real-Time Temperature and Stress Monitoring System. Duda, Piotr Report 3233
Diffusion Behaviors of Hydrogen Isotopes in Incoloy 800H: A First-Principles Study. Chen, Hongyu; Li, Hong; Li, Chuan; Cao, Jianzhu; Fang, Chao Report 3350
Dispersed Two-Phase Flow Modelling for Nuclear Safety in the NEPTUNE_CFD Code. Mimouni, Stephane; Benguigui, William; Fleau, Solene; Foissac, Arnaud; Guingo, Mathieu; Hassanaly, M Report 19801
Dynamic Behavior Analysis of Touchdown Process in Active Magnetic Bearing System Based on a Machine Learning Method. Sun, Zhe; Yan, Xunshi; Zhao, Jingjing; Kang, Xiao; Yang, SGuojun; Shi, Zhengang Report 6233
Dynamic Modeling and Control Characteristics of the Two-Modular HTR-PM Nuclear Plant. Dong, Zhe; Pan, Yifei; Song, Maoxuan; Huang, Xiaojing; Dong, Yujie; Zhang, Zuoyi Report 10701
Effects of Different Operating Temperatures on the Tensile Properties of the Grid Plate Hardfaced with Colmonoy in a Pool Type Sodium Fast Reactor. Balaguru, S.; Murali, Vela; Chellapandi, P. Report 3794
Engineering Design of a Voloxidizer with a Double Reactor for the Hull Separation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods. Kim, Young-Hwan; Cho, Yung-Zun; Lee, Jae-Won; Lee, Ju-Hoo; Jeon, Sang-Chae; Ahn, Do-Hee Report 4543
Equipment Layout Improvement for Large-Scale Hot Cell Facility Logistics. Yu, Seungnam; Lim, Jaehoon; Im, Hunsuk; Lee, Hyojik Report 5164
Evaluation of ACPs in China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor Using CATE 2.1 Code. Li, Lu; Zhang, Jingyu; Guo, Qingyang; Zhang, Xiaokang; Liu, Songlin; Chen, Yixue Report 3794
Experimental Studies on Breakup and Fragmentation Behavior of Molten Tin and Coolant Interaction. Li, Yankai; Wang, Zefeng; Lin, Meng; Zhong, Mingjun; Zhou, Yueshan; Yang, Yanhua Report 7945
Experimental Study on Interfacial Area Transport of Two-Phase Flow under Vibration Conditions. Xiao, Xiu; Zhu, Qingzi; Chen, Shao-Wen; Ishii, Mamoru; Zhang, Yajun; Jia, Haijun Report 6477
Feasibility Studies on Pyro-SFR Closed Fuel Cycle and Direct Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Line with the Latest National Policy and Strategy of Korea. Khan, Muhammad Minhaj; Lee, Jae Min; Cheong, Jae Hak; Whang, Joo Ho Report 12278
First-Principles Study on Various Point Defects Formed by Hydrogen and Helium Atoms in Tungsten. Zhao, Qiang; Zhang, Zheng; Li, Yang; Ouyang, Xiaoping Report 4579
FM-DBEM Simulation of 3D Microvoid and Microcrack Graphite Models. Lu, Houdi; Wang, Hongtao; Wang, Haitao; Jin, Lie; Wu, Xinxin; Zhou, Yu Report 5326
Heat Transfer Analysis of Passive Residual Heat Removal Heat Exchanger under Tube outside Boiling Condition. Liu, Yanbin; Wang, Xuesheng; Men, Qiming; Meng, Xiangyu; Zhang, Qing Report 5733
HTR-10GT Dual Bypass Valve Control Features and Decoupling Strategy for Power Regulation. Li, Xiao; Yang, Xiaoyong; Zhang, Youjie; Wang, Jie Report 6412
Implementation and Comparison of High-Resolution Spatial Discretization Schemes for Solving Two-Fluid Seven-Equation Two-Pressure Model. Wu, Pan; Chao, Fei; Wu, Dan; Shan, Jianqiang; Gou, Junli Report 6830
Investigation and Assessment of the CFD for Horizontal Flow in the VHTR Core. Shengyuan, Yan; Habiyaremye, Jean Luc; Yingying, Wei; Tran, Cong Chi Report 3367
Manufacturing Data Uncertainties Propagation Method in Burn-Up Problems. Frosio, Thomas; Bonaccorsi, Thomas; Blaise, Patrick Report 4788
Mechanical Properties in Nuclear Installation and the Relevant Measurement Methods. Yang, Yan; Clausse, Alejandro; Cizelj, Leon; Chen, Xing; Sahoo, Parashuram Editorial 1416
Modeling Loss-of-Flow Accidents and Their Impact on Radiation Heat Transfer. Khatry, Jivan; Aydogan, Fatih Report 8805
Multiscale Thermal Hydraulic Study under the Inadvertent Safety Injection System Operation Scenario of Typical Pressurized Water Reactor. Wang, Mingjun; Zuo, Qiaolin; Yu, Hao; Tian, Wenxi; Su, G.H.; Qiu, Suizheng Report 4237
Neutron Flux Monitoring Based on Blind Source Separation Algorithms in Moroccan TRIGA MARK II Reactor. Arahmane, Hanane; Hamzaoui, El-Mehdi; Moursli, Rajaa Cherkaoui El Report 4504
Neutronic Analysis on Potential Accident Tolerant Fuel-Cladding Combination [U.sub.3][Si.sub.2]-FeCrAl. Chen, Shengli; Yuan, Cenxi Report 7391
New Method to Measure Crack Extension in Nuclear Graphite Based on Digital Image Correlation. Lai, Shigang; Shi, Li; Fok, Alex; Li, Haiyan; Sun, Libin; Zhang, Zhengming Report 4957
Nuclear Waste Management Decision-Making Support with MCDA. Schwenk-Ferrero, A.; Andrianov, A. Report 13903
Numerical Study on Hydrogen Flow Behavior in Two Compartments with Different Connecting Pipes. Liu, HanChen; Cao, XueWu Report 3326
Oxidation Behavior of Matrix Graphite and Its Effect on Compressive Strength. Zhou, Xiangwen; Contescu, Cristian I.; Zhao, Xi; Lu, Zhenming; Zhang, Jie; Katoh, Yutai; Wang, Yanli Report 4044
Physical Analysis of the Initial Core and Running-In Phase for Pebble-Bed Reactor HTR-PM. Zhang, Jingyu; Li, Fu; Sun, Yuliang Report 3886
Postprocessing of Accidental Scenarios by Semi-Supervised Self-Organizing Maps. Di Maio, Francesco; Rossetti, Roberta; Zio, Enrico Report 10406
Prediction of Flow and Temperature Distributions in a High Flux Research Reactor Using the Porous Media Approach. Huang, Shanfang; Gong, Daxin; Li, Chao; Guo, Xiaoyu; Wang, Guanbo; Yin, Huaqiang; Wang, Kan Report 6401
Preliminary CFD Assessment of an Experimental Test Facility Operating with Heavy Liquid Metals. Lizzoli, Matteo; Borreani, Walter; Devia, Francesco; Lomonaco, Guglielmo; Tarantino, Mariano Report 5256
Probabilistic Dose Assessment from SB-LOCA Accident in Ujung Lemahabang Using TMI-2 Source Term. Sunarko; Suud, Zaki; Arif, Idam; Pramuditya, Syeilendra Report 4085
Quantitative Analysis of Oxygen Gas Exhausted from Anode through In Situ Measurement during Electrolytic Reduction. Choi, Eun-Young; Lee, Jeong; Heo, Dong Hyun; Hur, Jin-Mok Report 4310
R&D on a Nonlinear Dynamics Analysis Code for the Drop Time of the Control Rod. Lu, Daogang; Wang, Yuanpeng; Xie, Qingyu; Zhang, Huimin; Ali, Muhammed Report 3132
RELAP5 Simulation of PKL Facility Experiments under Midloop Conditions. Villanueva, J.F.; Carlos, S.; Sanchez-Saez, F.; Marton, I.; Martorell, S. Report 6127
Research on the Computed Tomography Pebble Flow Detecting System for HTR-PM. Wan, Xin; Liu, Ximing; Miao, Jichen; Cong, Peng; Zhang, Yuai; Wu, Zhifang Report 5398
Safety Features of High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor. Fang, Chao; Morris, Robert; Li, Fu Editorial 1694
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Site-Vicinity Infrastructure for Supporting the Accident Management of a Nuclear Power Plant. Katona, T.J.; Vilimi, A. Report 5218
Sensitivity Evaluation of AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant Best Estimation Model. Shi, Hao; Cai, Qi; Chen, Yuqing Report 6251
Separation of Electrolytic Reduction Product from Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cathode Basket via Salt Draining and Reuse of the Cathode Basket. Choi, Eun-Young; Lee, Jeong; Heo, Dong Hyun; Hur, Jin-Mok Report 5096
Separation of Transformers for Class 1E Systems in Nuclear Power Plants. Lee, Sang-Hyun; Chang, Choong-Koo Report 6036
Shielding Verifications for a Gamma Irradiation Facility Considering the Installation of a New Automatic Product Loading System. Gual, Maritza Rodriguez; Mesquita, Amir Zacarias; Ribeiro, Edson; Grossi, Pablo Andrade Report 3621
Simulation and Analysis of Small Break LOCA for AP1000 Using RELAP5-MV and Its Comparison with NOTRUMP Code. Yousif, Eltayeb; Zhang, Zhijian; Tian, Zhaofei; Ju, Hao-Ran Report 6625
Sizing of the Vacuum Vessel Pressure Suppression System of a Fusion Reactor Based on a Water-Cooled Blanket, for the Purpose of the Preconceptual Design. Caruso, Gianfranco; Giannetti, Fabio Report 7545
Source Term Analysis of the Irradiated Graphite in the Core of HTR-10. Liu, Xuegang; Huang, Xin; Xie, Feng; Jia, Fuming; Feng, Xiaogui; Li, Hong Report 2891
Source Term Study on Tritium in HTR-PM: Theoretical Calculations and Experimental Design. Cao, Jianzhu; Zhang, Liguo; Xie, Feng; Xia, Bing; Lam, Stephen Tsz Tang Report 6802
Specific Features of Structural-Phase State and Properties of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel at Elevated Irradiation Temperature. Kuleshova, E.A.; Gurovich, B.A.; Krikun, E.V.; Frolov, A.S.; Maltsev, D.A.; Bukina, Z.V.; Saltykov, Report 6463
STH-CFD Codes Coupled Calculations Applied to HLM Loop and Pool Systems. Angelucci, M.; Martelli, D.; Barone, G.; Di Piazza, I.; Forgione, N. Report 6649
Study on the Confidence and Reliability of the Mean Seismic Probability Risk Model. Wang, Xiao-Lei; Lu, Da-Gang Report 6928
SUSD3D Computer Code as Part of the XSUN-2017 Windows Interface Environment for Deterministic Radiation Transport and Cross-Section Sensitivity-Uncertainty Analysis. Kodeli, Ivan A.; Slavic, Slavko Report 8724
Temperature Dependence of Thermophysical Properties of Full-Scale Corium of Fast Energy Reactor. Skakov, Mazhyn K.; Mukhamedov, Nurzhan Ye.; Vurim, Alexander D.; Deryavko, Ilya I. Report 4254
The Electric Current Effect on Electrochemical Deconsolidation of Spherical Fuel Elements. Chen, Xiaotong; Lu, Zhenming; Zhao, Hongsheng; Liu, Bing; Zhu, Junguo; Tang, Chunhe Report 3401
The Optimization of Radiation Protection in the Design of the High Temperature Reactor-Pebble-Bed Module. Sun, Sida; Li, Hong; Fang, Sheng Report 7121
Three Design Basis Accidents' Analysis on the HTR-10GT. Lang, Minggang; Xie, Heng; Dong, Yujie Report 6337
Unbalance Compensation of a Full Scale Test Rig Designed for HTR-10GT: A Frequency-Domain Approach Based on Iterative Learning Control. He, Ying; Shi, Lei; Shi, Zhengang; Sun, Zhe Report 5710
Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of Void Reactivity Feedback for 3D BWR Assembly Model. Slavickas, Andrius; Pabarcius, Raimondas; Tonkunas, Aurimas; Uspuras, Eugenijus Report 4762
Using CFD as Preventative Maintenance Tool for the Cold Neutron Source Thermosiphon System. Ho, Mark; Jeong, Yeongshin; Park, Haneol; Yeoh, Guan Heng; Lu, Weijian Report 5729
Using Wireless Sensor Networks to Achieve Intelligent Monitoring for High- Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor. Li, Jianghai; Meng, Jia; Kang, Xiaojing; Long, Zhenhai; Huang, Xiaojin Report 5439

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