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Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality, and Consciousness.

Science and Human Transformation Subtle Energies, Intentionality, and Consciousness By William A. Tiller Pavior Publishing, Walnut Creek, California, USA

This book postulates a model for the structure of the physical and nonphysical Universe. In terms of this model, it addresses longstanding issues in physics, parapsychology, homeopathy, magnetic healing, and related disciplines. Because the book interrelates so many areas--from physics to biochemistry, from dowsing to Qi Gong, from acupuncture to remote viewing, from radionics to Feng Shui, from Chi flow to chakras, from manifestation to Consciousness itself--no one reviewer can do justice to it. The myriad of topics presented--and their complex interrelationships--make this book essential reading for scientists, practitioners of the healing and subtle energy arts, and people consciously committed to a spiritual growth path, and perhaps also for many others of us, even though expecting all readers to understand everything would be unrealistic.

A major cornerstone of the book is the postulated subtle realm or etheric domain in which the roles of electricity and magnetism are reversed relative to our physical world. This subtle realm of inverse spacetime is characterized by superluminal magnetic monopoles of negative mass, together with electric dipoles and subtle or "magnetoelectric" light. According to the author, this subtle light has been observed by children and by participants in Baron von Reichenbachis experiments. Also proposed is that simple optical instruments affect magnetoelectric light in a manner opposite to their effect on electromagnetic light with respect to propagation velocity, refraction, and magnification.

Chapter 2 completes the development of the Tiller model, the basis for much of the discussion that follows. In the model, the physical and etheric domains are conjugate 4D spaces and are embedded in a 9D space, which is associated with the emotional domain. In turn, the 9D space is embedded in a 10D space, the mental domain. To close approximation, the configurations of magnetic and electric substances in their respective domains have a Fourier transform relationship. Furthermore, the etheric space is normally not observable, as the light barrier at v = c mutually isolates the two systems. However, "deltrons" are postulated as a 9D substance that permits interaction and energy exchange between subluminal and superluminal particles. Furthermore, the various domains consist of lattices of nodal points and have characteristic lattice spacings and signal propagation velocities. Like physical crystals, these lattices can exhibit amorphous, polycrystalline, or single crystalline natures, with average grain size corresponding to life force. Furthermore, the lattices can exhibit point defects.

Inherent in the model is wave-particle duality. The model also provides a basis to resolve Bell's paradox and the cosmological constant discrepancy, and it claims to provide an alternative to Alan Guth's inflationary cosmology. In resolving Bell's paradox, the Tiller model lends credence to the possibility that inverse spacetime connects different points of the physical Universe. If true, this provides a basis for psychic and other anomalous phenomena. In addition, the model provides a mechanism for remote viewing, materialization / dematerialization, astrological influences, Feng Shui--and even karma as well as manifestation of intention. Moreover, deltron coupling is proposed as the mechanism by which chakra-endocrine pairs transduce energy between the etheric and physical realms, with the efficiencies of the different chakras peaking for different energy types.

Dr. Tiller discusses health in terms of balance among various physical chemicals in the body and their etheric (and higher dimensional) counterparts. In this framework, allopathic and homeopathic remedies are presented as adjusting these physical chemicals and their etheric counterparts respectively. Also proposed is that one needs a proper distribution of physical and etheric chemical constituents, not only as raw materials but also to provide an internal photon spectrum to actuate chemical changes. (This has profound implications for optimizing one's intake of food supplements.) Homeopathic remedies are discussed in terms of transforming a magnetic imprint from the etheric domain to the potentized remedies. Even the Heisenberg uncertainty principle is invoked in this context, on the basis that over-constraint of the physical parameters of a therapy may create substantial uncertainty with respect to the etheric parameters.

In addition to the theoretical discussions, the book is replete with experimental results and their interpretations. Measurements of dipole moments in healers, of radiations emanating from the Tan Tien or Hara point of Qi Gong practitioners, and of the effects of healers on the properties of water are discussed, as are the influences of electric and magnetic shielding on the performance of psychics. Also presented are various measured properties of acupuncture points (electrical resistivity, surface area, osmotic pressure, and thermal conductance), their correlation with brain activity, and their variation with factors such as emotional and pathological state. Still other experiments discussed include heartwave-brainwave entrainment, immune system response to emotions, placement of "markers" in water via AC fields (suggesting a mechanism for psychometry), and the effects of talismans. Science and Human Transformation sets the example in documenting the parameters of experimentation (frequencies, waveforms, input voltages, dielectric properties of materials, etc.) and in providing references, particularly of the experimental literature. It establishes additional credibility by invoking Weber's and Fechner's classical logarithmic law for physiological sensations--that the consistent numerical relations between the randomly varied physical stimulus and the neuromuscular response would not be observed if the response were psychological or autosuggested.

Dr. Tiller models Consciousness, expansion of Consciousness, and manifestation of intention in terms of channel capacity--complete with bandwidth, signal power, and noise (including negative emotions) in the various domains. His model is complete with a Consciousness distribution function, which he presents as a supportive factor for reincarnation, and with a gas dynamic model for auric and chakra interactions among people. The discussion of group Consciousness parallels the Vedic teachings on the Maharishi effect, an effect well known among practitioners of Transcendental Meditation.

Numerous other related points of interest can be found in Science and Human Transformation--the Eeman relaxation circuit, a waveguide-antenna model for the nervous system and acupuncture points, the possible use of the vascular autonomic signal (VAS) in selecting antibiotics for patients, the effect of impedance discontinuities in the body on energy flow, the concept of changing the ground states of atoms and molecules to reverse energy reactions (a conceivable way to reverse catabolism), a mechanism for the "circuit overload" effect of high energies on unbalanced chakras, and the role of gurus in providing missing wave components to their students.

Notwithstanding its plausibility and elegance, the model is only postulated and not yet proven to the exclusion of alternative descriptions, especially in correlating higher-dimensional spaces with the emotional, mental, and other domains. In one respect, the model is counterintuitive, in that it provides for electricity and magnetism to be symmetric in some respects but not in others. The symmetry is indeed inconsistent with several characteristics ascribed to the etheric domain. For example, why do the proposed lattice spacings--and the speeds of "light"--differ by a factor of 10exp(10) between the physical and etheric domains, and what is the basis of the proposed lattice spacings? Also, why must signals from the mind domain pass through the etheric (inverse spacetime) domain to arrive at and couple with the physical domain? The answers may lie in comparing the two domains from the standpoint of conjugate parameters--such as inverse distance and inverse velocity--but this point is not developed in the discussion. His discussion of the effects of temperature on physical and etheric molecular chain lengths would have likewise benefited from introducing an etheric counterpart for temperature.

In like manner, expanded discussion of certain other points would have strengthened this already superb book. First of all, while Table 2.5 includes the Planck length as well as other key distances, there is almost no discussion relating these distances to the lattice point spacings. In addition, the author discusses the concept of nested light cones (Fig 2.20b) with signal velocities characteristic of their respective domains (for example, c* ~ 10exp(10) c for the inverse spacetime domain). Fig 2.10, which already illustrates the different types of matter (positive, negative, and imaginary mass), would have been even more powerful had it included one of these other velocities such as c*. Similarly, inclusion of all three types of matter in Fig 2.2 would have made a cogent illustration.

The seemingly abrupt transitions among topics and "flashbacks" to a given topic in a later chapter (for example, homeopathy) may not please all readers but is not a fair criticism. Indeed, this style is perhaps an unavoidable consequence of reducing a complex web of topic interrelationships to the linearity of the printed word. (Even hypertext offers only partial reprieve from linear expression.)

Several major points of the book are in accord with other teachings, including the Vedic literature as well as teachings related to manifestation and the healing arts. The principle "As above, so below" is pervasive albeit implicit throughout the book, and the Tiller model provides an empowering mechanism.

Like any great work, Science and Human Transformation leaves more questions to be answered and will remain a catalyst for further research, even if the underpinning model is eventually supplanted. In addition, it is a somewhat unique blend of interdisciplinary character, originality, "out-of-the box" thinking, and scientific rigor. Its comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach means that on one hand, expecting most readers to understand everything would be unrealistic while on the other hand, it has something for almost everyone. On this basis, I recommend it not only to serious researchers but also to anyone with an inquisitive mind and/or seriously interested in personal growth.
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